Time for Crime

Time for Crime

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EP 52 - Charles Vallow
July 12, 2022

On February 24, 2006, Charles Vallow married Lori Ryan (Afterwards knows as Lori Vallow) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Charles,  a lifelong Catholic, became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), converting to his new wife's

EP 51 - Welcome Back
July 05, 2022

Welcome back everyone.  We wanted to give you a little bit of our background and let you how we got interested in true crime.  Please feel free to ask any questions on our Facebook group.

SP-05 Bonus Short
June 28, 2022

A quick podcast from Kat on a case involving a phoenix murder.

SP-04 Bonus Case
June 21, 2022

A quick podcast from Kat on the White case involving the escape of an inmate with the help of a corrections officer.

SP-03 Bonus Short
June 14, 2022

A quick podcast from Kat on your rights regarding search you and your vehicle.

SP-02 Short Case
June 07, 2022

A quick podcast from Kat on a DUI case and the value of the public getting involved. 

SP-01 Podcast Update
May 31, 2022

This is a short update on Vanny.

EP 50 - Mikelle Biggs
March 29, 2022

It was January 2, 1999, and 9-year-old Kimber Biggs and her 11-year-old sister were playing in the street in their Mesa neighborhood while waiting for an ice cream truck.  After a while, Mikelle's sister got cold and went inside for her jacket; her s

EP 49 - Brian Eftenoff
March 22, 2022

After a night of partying with a friend, 42 year old Brian Eftenoff of Phoenix, AR comes home to find his 30 year old wife Judi unconscious and near death. She dies minutes later despite efforts to revive her. After an investigation police make Brian thei

EP 48 - Timothy Ring Pt2
March 15, 2022

A trio of former crime fighters turn to a life of murder and theft as they execute an armored car driver and get away with close to a million dollars.  #crime,#truecrime,#truecrimepodcas