The Financial Leverage Point

The Financial Leverage Point

What Questions Should You Ask Your Financial Advisor? (Ep. 2)

July 25, 2023

Learning how to identify your ideal advisor and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships is so important when it comes to preserving, protecting, and growing your wealth.

In this episode, John Iannucci, founder and CEO of ILG Private Wealth, shares his vetting process for new clients and emphasizes the importance of mutual fit. He defines his ideal clients and the important questions you should be asking your advisor. 

John discusses: 

  • His experience working with successful business owners, highly compensated executives and women of sudden wealth
  • How picking a financial advisor is a two-way vetting process where you should be asking them the important questions
  • The importance of having a trusted advisor who can work with clients as a partner and manage all of their relationships with other professionals
  • And more

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