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Episode 009 - Minternship
September 17, 2019

On episode 009, the guys are back from taking the summer off! A lot to catch up on but the topic we discuss is the concept of a Minternship. The guys do not agree on this topic so join the show to get a unique perspective about a concept on the rise! Welc

Episode 008 - Working out of a Rut
May 24, 2019

On episode 008, the guys chat about being in a recent rut at work. Not everyday is sunshine and roses so the guys talk about some of their recent challenges. A lot of changes are happening for the guys so let's get the conversation going! Welcome back to

Episode 007 - Travel with a Purpose
April 24, 2019

On episode 007, we bring in our first guest Michelle Dy-Reyes. She's an IT consultant with a passion to travel. The crew dives in with Michelle on her perspective on travel, how she makes it work, and what she really enjoys about her travels. This is 20 S

Episode 006 - Taking a leap of faith (part 2)
April 01, 2019

"If you left tomorrow, what are you leaving?" The boys are back in town! This is part 2 of the Taking a Leap of Faith series. We get deep into our emotions this week as we dive into personal experiences of taking that leap. Making a job change? Making a c

Episode 005 - Taking a leap of faith (2 part series)
March 03, 2019

Have you ever had doubts or concerns about doing something but something held you back from taking the leap of faith? This week while Samer is out, Travis and Ruff keep the show going and dive into the first part, of a two part series, on taking a leap of

Episode 004 - Selfishness: A Key To Happiness
February 06, 2019

If you are like us, you have been called selfish but we do not consider that a bad thing. Your favorite trifecta is back to change the perspective of being selfish! Do you what makes you happy and be selfish! It is good for you!

Episode 003 - Handling Feedback, Watch Your Tone, Know Yourself
January 21, 2019

2019 started off with a bang as the crew is full of energy and ready to make some early year impacts! Have you recently been challenged at work, received some advice that you took the wrong way or in a way that helped you grow? Join the your favorite trif

Episode 002 - New Years Resolutions, Preparation, and Execution
January 07, 2019

The guys are back and excited to bring you the 2nd episode of 20 Something To Life. Grateful for the amount of overwhelming support from episode 1, Travis, Ruff, and Samer have a lot of energy going into 2019. Join them as they discuss their New Years Res

Episode 001
January 03, 2019

Meet your hosts on this first episode of 20STL.