20 Mile March Podcast

20 Mile March Podcast

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TMM028: The Power of Masterminds and Habits
May 06, 2018

How can masterminds and habits exactly help accelerate your business? In this episode, Ronan Leonard aka “The Mastermind Guy” breaks down all the nuts and bolts – from the concept of masterminds to the keys in establishing your own successful mastermin...

TMM026: How Andy Burgess Met Gary Vaynerchuk
April 15, 2018

Would you like to meet Gary Vaynerchuk?

TMM025: Chatbots, Mindset, and Marketing Advice
April 07, 2018

What does it take to build a successful chatbot in less than a year? What about this Facebook investigation? We answer all these questions on this episode with another amazing chatbots builder Stephen Bradeen.

TMM024: Nomaan’s Fitness Journey: How He Lost 50 Pounds
March 25, 2018

Desiring to shed some extra pounds? What was his winning combination? In this episode, Nomaan shares his fitness journey with you. How did he shift his mindset to lose those extra pounds and make the decision for better health.

TMM023: Do Something That Inspires You Everyday
March 16, 2018

What inspires you? What is it that makes you crawl out of bed when the sun rises? From having troubles in waking up earlier every morning to taking a picture of the sunrise every day for an entire year, Anthony Johnson shares his own journey of finding...

TMM022: What Makes The School Of Bots Unique
March 12, 2018

Ever heard of School of Bots? If you haven’t, you’re about to remember that name. In this episode, Kyle Willis shares his own journey to entrepreneurship, how the partnership for School of Bots was formed, the growing pains and lessons in starting this...

TMM021: Solving One Problem With A Basic Bot
March 09, 2018

What problem does your bot solve?? Or did you create a complicated frankenstein bot just because you could? Most of the time, the newbies in the bot industry just try to make a quick buck without having a clear purpose as to how their chatbot can serve...

TMM020: How The School of Bots Was Born
March 07, 2018

Chatbots are a new thing right now. Many people say it’s just a fad – that it won’t last a long time. What do you think? In this episode, Natasha discusses chatbots as “white space” for marketers, how bots are different than e-mail,

TMM019: Chatbots that Get You More Sales and Happier Customers
March 03, 2018

Want to experience the power of automation? At the end of the day, to have for sales, your customers must be happy. How can you make it if you can’t even respond to their simple queries? Chatbots are the game changers in the marketing industry today.

TMM018: Creating Your Version of an Epic Life
February 27, 2018

Money can buy anything. If I am rich, then I will be happy. Are you sure about that? Having more money to be happy is completely different from being happy FIRST. Money will come into your life. (I