Paranormal Reality with JV Johnson (a/k/a Beyond Reality Paranormal Podcast)

Paranormal Reality with JV Johnson (a/k/a Beyond Reality Paranormal Podcast)

Latest Episodes

How to Become A Mermaid - Elyrria Swann - 053122
June 02, 2022

Mermaid Elyrria Swann returns to the program to discuss the secrets of the astral realm including creatures such as mermaids, gorgon medusae & more. Visit our Merch Store - https://paranormal-irl.

Spiritual Awakening & Journey - Amirah Hall - 052622
May 27, 2022

Rev. Amirah Hall has been psychic her entire life but it wasn't until a series of events in Egypt that she understood the scope of her sensitivities. Visit our Merch Store - https://paranormal-irl.cre

Remote Viewing - Michelle Freed - 052422
May 25, 2022

In a last-minute guest switch, Michelle Freed comes on to talk about remote viewing - how it works, how she has used it to help government agencies & police & how it can predict the future. Vi

OPUS - The Organization for Paranormal Understanding & Research - Lester Velez - 051822
May 20, 2022

In addition to his work with MUFON, Lester Velez co-founded OPUS - a group designed to help people understand & cope with the effect of their paranormal experiences. Lester also talks about his pe

Releasing Trauma & The Council of 8 - Michelle Carpenter - 051722
May 19, 2022

Medium Michelle Carpenter discusses ancestral & generational trauma and ways to eliminate it from affecting our lives. Exploring past lives & the Council of 8 are all part of the work she does

Astral Travel & Alternate Realms - Lindsey Scharmyn - 051022
May 11, 2022

Lindsey Scharmyn's journey from misguided youth to spiritual master is filled with an interesting tapestry of experiences & epiphanies. Visit our Merch Store - https://paranormal-irl.creator-sprin

Alaska's Mysterious Triangle, Shadow People & More - Mike Ricksecker - 050522
May 06, 2022

Mike Ricksecker continues to break new ground in his work investigating paranormal phenomenon. Tonight he discusses much of that work & his upcoming projects. Visit our Merch Store - https://paran

Origins of the Gods - Dr. Gregory Little - 050322
May 04, 2022

Dr. Gregory Little has an amazing history of research & investigation. His recent work has resulted in his new book - Origins of the Gods. Visit our Merch Store - https://paranormal-irl.creator-sp

Stupid Bigfoot Movie - Nick Sanford - 042822
April 29, 2022

"Elusive" - a new Bigfoot mockumentary takes a look at the relationship between the world's most famous cryptid creature and those who are trying to find him. Film maker Nick Sanford discusses the fil

The Secret to Everything - Dr. Kimberly McGeorge - 042622
April 27, 2022

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge is an internationally renowned naturopathic doctor, energy healer, remote viewer, paranormal expert and consciousness teacher. Her extensive client list includes some of the worl