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Episode 122: All About Timing
September 19, 2022

Having a great product or service isn’t enough to ensure success. You need to get your timing right. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis discuss the factors that make it either a good ti

Episode 121: Mindset Matters
July 24, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss having a Longevity Mindset and how that affects all aspects of life. How long you live is a function of many factors, including your mindset. You can actually “Will yourself to d

Episode 120: Finding Your Passion
June 26, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss the topic of finding your passion and purpose. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” They talk abo

Episode 119: Profitability Maximizer
June 12, 2022

Dan and Peter discuss a tool “Profitability Maximizer” that helps entrepreneurs evaluate new product ideas. As Peter likes to say, “without a target you’ll miss it every time”, this scorecard will hel

Episode 118: Individuals Changing the World
May 16, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss individuals who are changing the world, spotlighting Dean Kamen, an inventor who has an amazing moonshot of regenerating human organs. Imagine having a supply of “spare organs”:

Episode 117: Blockchain Changing Business Models
May 01, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss the foundational new technology blockchain and how it will ultimately disrupt every industry: from finance and real estate, to sports and e-commerce. In this episode: Peter talks

Episode 116: Long-Term Thinking
March 27, 2022

Peter and Dan talk about the importance and power of long-term thinking when planning a new venture. For example, making a commitment to run Abundance360 for 25 years and the value created by this way

Episode 115: Longevity Tips and Tricks
February 28, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss their tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of mindset, sleep, exercise, and diet. In this episode: Peter talks about two hacks that help keep his bod

Episode 114: Personalized Health Tracking
February 10, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss the many ways in which exponential technologies are extending the healthy human lifespan. Today, we generate and have access to a staggering amount of personalized health data, a

Episode 113: Global Supply Chain
February 02, 2022

Peter and Dan discuss the past few years’ shifts in global supply chains and how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a major flaw in the system, as many companies moved operations from China to other parts