The World of Cinematics

The World of Cinematics

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Favorite Tv Action
March 28, 2022

These are some of our favorite action scenes on television. Tell us what your favorite is! Like our stuff? You can help support us by subscribing on Also you can check out our other links! YoutTube:

Fandom Accords: The Last Jedi
March 21, 2022

Today we are going to finally have the discussion about The Last Jedi! Stephan and Jed talk about their point of view of this movie. Let us know what movies you'd like to see debated next!  Want to help us out? You can subscribe for 4.99 a month to h

Miscellaneous Batman
February 28, 2022

The final countdown to the release of The Batman! We go into some of our favorite miscellaneous Batman things. Somethings we hope to see in the new movie and some we don't.  Want to join us live in the chat? Every Saturday 7 pm MST in the link bellow

Ep 20 Movies Ruined By The Ending
November 15, 2021

What kind of movies do think were ruined by the ending? Here is our list! 

Halloween Special
November 08, 2021

What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Today we discuss some of the ones we like. 

Ep18 Bad Batch and Mando
June 14, 2021

Listen to what we have to say about the Bad Batch latest episode. Also, we are gonna take a quiz to see what our favorite season 2 episodes are.  Wanna help support us? Please like and share with your friends. You can also help support us through th

Pitch Stop: Among the Hidden
April 22, 2021

This series has been going on for a while now on YouTube so now it has made its way to anchor! We'll be posting 2 of these a week until we get caught up to this our current ones!  If you want to get ahead of the game check out our YouTube channel and

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cont...
April 19, 2021

Join us as we recap and talk about episodes 3-5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier!   What are your thoughts on John Walker? Comment down below!   You can also support us here:  Patreon:  Teespring: https://teesp

Ep15: Good Book Adaptations
April 05, 2021

What are your favorite book/movie adaptations? Let us know either here, YouTube, or Twitter @ofcinematics!  You can support us through these other links! YoutTube: Patreon:

Ep14: Falcon and the Winter Soldier
March 29, 2021

What are your thoughts on Marvel's new show! Let us know on Twitter! @thecinematics!  Like what you hear? You can help support us by subscribing! Or by going to these websites! YoutTube: Patreo