A Side of Tilt

A Side of Tilt

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New World Drops Further Than Crypto
May 24, 2021

During this episode we eat the GHOST PEPPER noodles while we discuss pay to win talks for New World, overwatch 2 going down to a 5v5 instead of 6v6, Biomutant only playable on 1080p on PS5, new Nintendo rumors, Amouranth losing twitch ad revenue, a ton of

Malphite Sucks! Ft. Erigby
May 10, 2021

We interview the Legend of Runeterra's North American Grand Champion and talk about his feeling on the tournament, future plans and the new expansion!  Ray and Anthony talk about the LoL MSI tournament.  We discuss discord partnering with Sony,

Most Toxic Valorant Chats
May 05, 2021

During this episode we discuss the new ESPORTS Certification Institute, Riot recording valorant chats to fight toxicity, the new runeterra expansion.  The "State of the Play" for Sony, Nintendo FINALLY releasing Online for super mario party.  We

Jeff Kaplan Quits DOGSHIT Blizzard!
April 26, 2021

During this weeks podcast we discuss Ray's feelings about the Jake vs Askren fight real quick, Runeterra World Tournament, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer and the future of Marvel.  Our thoughts on Hood Outlaws and Legends and much

Triller Fight Club Conspiracy
April 20, 2021

During this episode we discuss the outcome of the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight and whether or not it was fixed, the results of the spring LCS championship, E3 2021!!!, Falcon and Winter Soldier Semi Finale, the new Fast and Furious movie and much more! E

Danny DeVito as Snarf HOOOOOOO
April 05, 2021

This episode we discuss LCS midseason championship series, Valorant, and the Runeterra balance patch.  New games such as Biomutant, a Remastered Rome Total War, hopes for a new legends of dragoon remake, and thoughts on outriders.  Thoughts on t

Zack Snyder 6.9
March 22, 2021

This week we talk about the Justice League: The Snyder Cut, how we did the math to a 6.9 rating naturally, our prediction on the LCS for the upcoming games, The new Magic the Gathering Game, The new Dungeons and Dragons game, the MGK music video featuring

Sinatraa Le Pew
March 15, 2021

During this episode we discuss the LCS updates, Valorant updates including allegations toward Sentinel's Sinatraa, Facebook's new app called "Bars", Space Jam 2, Rumors regarding further installments of Harry Potter, Wandavision!!! and much more.  En

What's Wandavision?
March 02, 2021

Welcome to episode 21.  Today we talk about the LCS, New Runeterra Cards, LCS trying to remove the Import rule?, Chicago wants to ban violent video games, New Pokemon Direct and much more.  Enjoy!

BlizzCon?? More like TRASHCon!!
February 22, 2021

Welcome to Episode 20!  During this episode we talk about the latest nintendo direct, blizzcon 2021, new runeterra cards, the LCS games, the RISE of G4 TV ONLINE, Bungie's new studio, Donald Glover's new Amazon deal, our Mortal Kombat trailer thought