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The HunterShow - Live All 80s Edition - 4-22-2023
April 22, 2023

Its a all 80s Edition, playing your favorite 80s songs and some you may have forgotten about. We'll do News and Nuggets, Mini edition of The HairBall and More!

The Huntershow - Live March 18, 2023
March 18, 2023

In this episode we'll be playing all our favorites from the 80s and other decades, songs you know but dont hear on the radio much anymore, mini hair-ball, new and nuggets and more!

The HunterShow - Live Christmas Broadcast 12-23
December 23, 2022

Its Christmas and its the HunterShows Live Christmas Broadcast! We'll be playing all your favorite 80s music along with some other decades and of course a very helping sprinkling of Christmas tunes!

The HunterShow - 12-16-2022 Live Broadcast
December 16, 2022

Christmas music everywhere? We all need a break now and then from your festive tunes. We'll be playing all your favorite 80s music with a little bit of 90s and today mixed in.........and just a litt

The HunterShow Live - Halloween 2022
October 30, 2022

Halloween special live broadcast featuring your favorite halloween tunes, music from the 80's and other decades. Its will be a scary good time!

The Hunter Show - The Hair Ball 9-4-22
September 04, 2022

The 80s and early 90's was a great time for music, expecially when it came to rock n roll and the emergence of Hair Bands!! We'll be playing all the great Metal and Hair Band music you grew up with t

The HunterShow - One Hit Wonders Vol 3
August 21, 2022

This episiode we again feature those One Hit Wonders that made music in the 70's, 80's and early 90's so great! We'll drop some news and nuggets fo what happned on this date in history and more. Wel

The HunterShow - Live All 80s edition - 7-24-22
July 24, 2022

What did you do on a Hot Summer day? Swim, hangout outside? Chill with some of that great 80s music? Well we'll be playing All 80s music in this broadcast along with entertainment new and nuggets,

The HunterShow - All 80s Edition 7-10-2022
July 10, 2022

Its Summer time and whats best on a warm summer day then to chill with a cool one and listen to the best decade of music ever. We'll be playing your favorite 80s tunes, and some you may have forgoten

The Huntershow - All 80s Edition
July 10, 2022

Its Summer time and what better than chilling with your favorite beverage on a warm day and listening to the best era of music ever! We'll be playing all the 80s hits, and some you may have forget ab