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Alonzo Bodden & George Schlatter Discuss A Golden Age Of Comedy + News on 4th of July Traditions, and the Creators of ‘South Park’ Making Waves in the Restaurant Industry
July 06, 2023

Comedian Alonzo Bodden joins Adam as they relate and debate oldie’s music, and Adam annihilates anyone who likes a certain rock song. They commiserate about road rage experiences and the joys of drivi

Orny Adams Talks Jay Leno & the Beach Boys + News on Idris Elba’s ‘James Bond’ and a Pizza Drug Lab Bust
July 05, 2023

Comedian Orny Adams joins Adam as they riff on musical legends like ‘The Who’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’ before they recall an unforgettable acceptance speech by Mike Love of the Beach Boys who hurled a

The Fourth of July (Carolla Classics)
July 04, 2023

#1 ACS 3001 - Doug Ellin (2021) #2 ACS 1363 - Deaf Frat Guy (2014) #3 ACS 1609 - Gina and Bryan (2015) #4 ACS 1852 - Alonzo Bodden (2016) #5 ACS 1354 - Doug Benson (2014) Hosted by Superfan Giovan

Pauly Shore on Comedy and Death + News on Affirmative Action and Canadian Wildfires
July 03, 2023

Comedian Pauly Shore joins Adam as they reminisce about previous clubs on the Sunset Strip and Pauly’s childhood growing up in the family business at The Comedy Store. We learn more about Pauly’s upbr

Jack In The Box + Christopher Titus (Carolla Classics)
July 01, 2023

#1 ACS 47 - Jack In The box (2009) #2 ACS 3000 - Adam Waheed (2021) #3 ACS 188 - Superfan Giovanni (2009) #4 ACS 2990 - Ernie Hudson(2021) #5 ACS 30 - Christopher Titus (2009) Hosted by Superfan Gio

Godfrey Talks Steve Harvey and Good Times + News on a Barbie Airbnb and Tom Hanks’ Niece Having a Meltdown
June 29, 2023

Comedian Godfrey joins Adam as they get into everything from the Cabrini–Green housing projects to the failed collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica. They debate if Steve Harvey is the black Dr.

John Crist and Jodi Miller on Menstrual Leave and Naked Sushi Layout + News on RFK Jr. and Pat Sajak
June 28, 2023

John Crist and Jodi Miller join Adam as they learn about Spain’s new paid 'menstrual leave' law before getting into tipping bathroom attendants and Jodi’s drunken plumbers. They debate how you should

Andrew Lopez on His Mentor Jo Koy + Mark Pellington on Working with U2
June 27, 2023

Comedian and filmmaker Andrew Lopez joins Chris as they explain to Adam the importance of not wasting food in Filipino culture. Adam shares some stories of stupidity he encountered before Andrew tells

Return of the Rotten Tomatoes Game with Jonathan Kite + News on Musk v Zuckerberg and Kevin Spacey’s Comeback
June 26, 2023

Comedian Jonathan Kite is back on the show as they get into the problems with dog prejudice, Santa Monica’s tsunami preparedness, and the life of Rube Goldberg. Next, Adam and Jonathan act out a housi

Teresa Strasser (Carolla Classics)
June 24, 2023

#1 ACS 361 - Larry Miller (2010) #2 ACS 362 - Teresa Strasser (2010) #3 ACS 363 - Anderson Cowan (2010) Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscribe and Watch Clips