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Follow Up: Klepti Klepti
May 18, 2021

Klepti Klepti was a traveling fun loving group of musicians that appreciated spontaneity above everything else. They had no phones and no e-mails, the definition of "be here now." We found the founder and we didn't have to go far from home to do so.

Follow Up: Mezzoforte
April 02, 2021

We were able to track down the bass player of Mezzoforte, a band we discovered on the first episode. He joined us to talk about their career and what it's like to still be living "the dream" 40 years later.

Follow Up Annika Hoydal 'Mit eget land'
April 01, 2021

We caught up with Annika Hoydal from Episode 6. Exactly 40 ears ago, she made her album, 'Mit eget land' (My Own Land), and although she left the Faroe Islands many years ago, her love remains strong for the place she holds dearest. It took her 40 years t

Follow Up: Henning Flintholm of The Henning Flintholm Trio
March 06, 2021

We found the man himself, Henning Flintholm. If you listened to our previous episode including 'Hard Date" than you are abreast of his music. Now see what he is up to these days, where he's been all this time and if he is sill making music. He joined Absa

ANC - 'Svensk rock mot apartheid' / Annika Hoydal - 'Mit Eget Land''
March 05, 2021

This episode was a pop quiz in global studies and world history that we were painfully unprepared for. We failed miserably!

Wanda Jackson - 'Pioneers of Rock Vol. 2' / Living in a Box - 'Living in a Box'
March 04, 2021

This is probably the most Pop episode to date, Wanda Jackson is the pioneer of Rock n' Roll and Living in a Box is all the best parts of a 80s manufactured hit band who only made music for an epic movie soundtrack which probably includes a Corvette drivin

Tanita Tikaram - 'Ancient Heart' / Henning Flintholm Trio - 'Heavy Date'
March 03, 2021

We have a 'heavy' date with a crate that isn't going to listen to itself. What would a Nothern Ireland episode of a 90s MTV unplugged episode sound like? Also, what makes a date 'heavy'? It's obviously when you slow cook some jazz and melt over smooth sa

David Sandborn - 'Voyeur' / Lobo - 'Me, You and a dog Named Boo'
March 02, 2021

"This album cover reminds me of the winter coat we all had in the 90s," Alexander remarked, as he struggled for the words to describe the David Sandborn album cover.

Rusty Baathorns - Med Guld i Munden (Klepti Klepti)
March 01, 2021

Alexander and Brandon were so perplexed by this double album they spent a whole episode on it, trying to figure out its mysterious sound. Is it Balkon festival music or a Klezmer wedding band? And why does the cover resemble a London punk band's?

Mezzoforte - 'Rising' / Dragon Fly Records Presents...
February 25, 2021

Digging through crates of vinyl to discover new music is something we all have fantasized about at one time or another. There is a different level of attachment to music we feel no one knows but us. We typically find these records in an obscure crate tuck