Liberation Live Presents: Know God For Real

Liberation Live Presents: Know God For Real

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One of the Best Teachings on Spotting False Teachers & Prophets You've Ever Heard - PT 2
July 05, 2023

This is part two of the false teacher's episodes. We'll discuss one of the biggest markers you can use to measure whether you're dealing with a false teacher or false prophets. Stay tuned; this will b

One of the Best Ways to Spot False Teachers & False Prophets - PT 1
June 26, 2023

Are you curious about what the biggest key is to spot a false teacher, be it a charlatan or someone who is simply unbalanced? In this episode, we'll drop one of the biggest markers you can use to meas

How to Hear God's Voice
May 11, 2023

This video will show you how you train your ear to hear God's words. It's pretty simple, don't let people overcomplicate it for you. I have a very straightforward answer where the word shows it to us

Are You TRULY Saved? Is Jesus TRULY Lord of Your Life? Why the Salvation Prayer Is Not an Incantation
May 06, 2023

In this episode, we discuss how the Sinner's Prayer was used as a type of incantation in church for decades and why it's unbiblical. We'll also discuss how to know you're genuinely saved and, most imp

Here’s a Secret Key to Enlargement in God! Key to Why You Haven’t Had Breakthrough | Tread Carefully
March 03, 2023

We're discussing a secret key to going higher in God and enlargement through God to unlock the blessings of God! It isn't what you're expecting. This same key is the reason why many people are stuck a

Near Death Experience: An Angel Saved Me From Drowning | Amazing Angelic Encounter
February 21, 2023

Today I have storytime for you, and it's a near-death experience I had in the Gulf of Mexico, where I had an angelic encounter! Check out my testimony to discover how my mother's prayers saved me from

Don’t Miss God!!! How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes & if There Are Different Paths to God
January 22, 2023

Have you ever wondered why it seems like Christians are so different from one another and why God seems to handle them differently? Do we all truly have different walks in Christ, or is this a fallacy

God Burns Bridges!!
January 13, 2023

We've always heard the term, never burn bridges! But God's ways are not like ours. He burns bridges with intention and today we'll discuss what it looks like when God burns bridges, how this relates t

You’re a Good Person, Huh? Why It's Not Enough to Get Into Heaven
December 16, 2022

Did you know that good people dont get into heaven? It's shocking, right? Most people believe they deserve a spot in heaven because deep down in our souls, our instincts tell us that, in the end, we w

Special Announcement - 22k Downloads!! A Name Change?
December 10, 2022

We just hit our first significant milestone, and we've made a name change to the podcast! Here's a BIG THANK YOU to our listeners! Tune in for more.