Ranting Siblings

Ranting Siblings

Latest Episodes

Catching Up with the Woke Queen
May 22, 2021

We got the chance to talk with our Aunt/Cousin. She shared her “woke” perspective with us all.

Catching up with the Meme King
February 20, 2021

Got to catch up with our Uncle or is he our Cousin? He’s young like our Cousin but technically our Uncle. So confusing but interesting topics!

Family Chat
January 23, 2021

In this podcast we decided to bring on our parents. Heads Up this gets very loud and intense.

First Rant
January 16, 2021

This was our first podcast EVER! We rant about a few topics and give you a little insight on us and who we are. Enjoy.

The beginning...
January 12, 2021

Get ready to tune in to our sibling podcast.