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Women about Business

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MS.ABA and Kimberly Ofori - You’ve Got The X-Factor! #WomenAboutBusiness
July 15, 2021

Got business plans? In this first special episode, Ms.aba and Kimberley Ofori give their tips and tricks on how to Channel your inner boss babe by shifting your mindset to manifesting and working hard for the things you desire. The goal is to help women r

Roberta Annan – building creative business infrastructures #letstalkbusiness #globalcompetition
July 01, 2021

Time to talk to a woman in business who has dedicated her career and life to solving global challenges and producing innovative solutions for creative business owners. Roberta Annan (@roberta.annan) is the Founder and Managing Partner of Annan Capital Par

Toyin Umesiri – Proving them wrong #BeingMarriedtotheBusiness
June 24, 2021

Alongside Ms. ABA and Kimberley Ofori, joins Toyin Umesiri (@toyinumesiri), an all-rounder entrepreneur who gives true meaning to beauty and brains. Founder and CEO of Nazaru LLC, a trading company that connects global leaders to trade and invest in oppor

Ohemaa Adjhei Asante – How the World Grows #TheImportanceofBeingCommitted
June 17, 2021

Trying to figure out the direction to head in as a young girl can be challenging for many. In today’s episode with Ms. ABA and Kimberley Ofori, special guest Ohemaa Adjhei Asante (@ohemaa-adjei-andoh), an entrepreneurial boss, talks making an impact. Foun

Rochelle Clarke – Life is a Journey - Written Differently for Everyone #UnderstandingTheImpactOfABusiness
June 09, 2021

Join today’s special episode with Ms. ABA and Kimberley Ofori, which centres around Rochelle Clarke (@rochelleclarke), an entrepreneurial boss, who is the brain behind SuccessionStrength – an advisory company that works with businesses, including families

Theresa Ayoade - Growing Your Influence #ThePowerofInfluence
June 03, 2021

Today’s special episode with Ms. ABA features Theresa Ayoade (@theresaayoade), a boss queen who truly knows how to get it done. CEO of Charterhouse Productions (Ghana), a platform dedicated to event production and public relations, she has over 20 years o

Violet Awo Amoabeng– Did Someone Say Edible Skincare? #RawPureWild #innovationafrica
May 20, 2021

Today we’re talking an unconventional topic that seems weird at first, but so highly good once you give it a try! Today’s episode focuses on special guest Violet Awo Amoabeng (@awothegreat), as she joins MS ABA. and Kimberley Ofori. Amoabeng is an entrepr

Shenin LeBrun – Making Bold Steps #ARealBossBabe
May 13, 2021

Making a bold step is something we all desire to make. However, when it comes to taking that leap it can be a bit scary as we tend to get lost when we think of the direction we should head in. This has become more apparent now more than ever, as “wasting

Rosemary Dede – Growing in your authenticity #Goals
May 06, 2021

Every woman deserves a sisterhood, whether it be your direct friends or family. MS.ABA is joined by well renowned super woman Rosemary Dede, founder of SheTribe and Social & wellness entrepreneur. In this special episode Rosemary Dede explains how bei

MS.ABA & Kimberly Ofori - Female leadership and staying ahead of the curve #SelfControlinBusinessisYourBestFriend
April 29, 2021

The ladies emphasize presentation and the use of right speech. If you are intentional with your appearance and look professional, you rightly command the attention of the desired setting you want to be in. When women in business are particular with their