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May 18, 2022

In this episode, Instructor at Architecture is Free Foundation and Toye, an architectural student give us a closer look at methods of archiving architectural works for future years and the evolution of architectural representation from pen and paper drawi

Building an Architecture and Design Community
October 07, 2021

As many of us who are familiar with Architecture know, the community is very important. And battling late nights with fellow students in the studio. Forming strong bonds with your peers who understand the struggle of professional pursuit. That community f

Preserving Cultural Tourism & Architectural Heritage-part 2
June 18, 2021

This episode continues from the last episode's deep dive into the importance of cultural preservation. Today, we are investigating how we can go from high-minded theories to real-life executions of cultural preservation and architectural heritage.

Preserving Cultural Tourism & Architectural Heritage
April 26, 2021

Cultural and heritage tourism has become a major source of revenue for many communities and states across the globe. Imbued with a message from the past, the historic monuments of generations of people remain to the present day as living witnesses of thei

Health & Architecture
March 17, 2021

Architecture is a Critical Ingredient of Pandemic Medicine The effects of the covid-19 have caused a massive change to our daily lives, changes that happened rapidly and abruptly. Suddenly, we've been forced to wonder if our tiny offices are properly vent

February 22, 2021

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