Women We Love Wednesday

Women We Love Wednesday

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Episode 25: Nechami Tennenbaum of Karmela Cosmetics on Vulnerability in Entrepreneurship, Fostering the Creative Process & Empowering Women Through Beauty
April 06, 2022

Nechami Tennenbaum is the Founder & CEO of Karmela Cosmetics. Karmela Cosmetics is a non-toxic, cruelty free line of makeup. On today's episode Nechami discusses what inspired her to start her makeup line - and why starting a natural beauty brand

Episode 24: Realtor & Broker Valyncia Page on Staying Focused, Thriving in a Saturated Industry & Surviving Cancer
March 30, 2022

Women We Love Wednesday dives into the world of entrepreneurship from the female perspective. We talk about how local Detroit entrepreneurs built their small businesses, what it takes to succeed, and how they balance it all.Valyncia is a Detroit native re

Episode 23: Monique Pour Creative Director, Stylist & Model on Why Rejection Should Fuel Your Growth, Creating More Representation in the Media & How to Collaborate
June 30, 2021

Monique Pour is a multi-faceted powerhouse. She is a creative director, stylist, and model. Monique is influenced by her unique heritage as a Liberian-American and also by the entrepreneurial spirit of Detroit. Monique started her creative agency @buzzfil

Episode 22: Valentina Juncaj of Vajze Jewelry on Brand Building, How to Find Your Creativity & Why Resourcefulness is Key
June 23, 2021

On this week’s episode of Women We Love Wednesday we spoke with Valentina Juncaj of Vajze. Vajze is a metro Detroit based jewelry company. Each collection is both designed and created by Valentina.Valentina’s inspirations for her brand are inspired both b

Episode 21: Travel Blogger Klaudia Jakubiak of The Travel Critic on Inclusivity in the Travel Industry, Why Transparency Matters & How to Travel Like a Local
June 09, 2021

 Klaudia Jakubiak is a travel blogger, content creator, and creator of @thetravelcritic. On this week’s episode we spoke about what it was like growing up in an immigrant family and why it’s so important to her to stay connected to her roots. Klaudia quit

Episode 20: Financial Advisor Melissa Fradenburg on Achieving Financial Independence, Claiming What's Yours, and Handling Life's Transitions
May 26, 2021

Melissa Fradenburg is a wife, a mom of two, and a financial advisor at Pearl Planning who specializes in helping women figure out their finances at any stage in their life. She wants women to be less scared to ask for what they deserve and helps them to d

Episode 19: Fatima Fahs, Dermatologist, Skincare Expert & Entrepreneur on Transparency in Social Media & Skincare, The Myth of Balance & Overcoming Stereotypes
May 19, 2021

Fatima Fahs is a dermatologist, skincare expert, and entrepreneur. She runs the popular instagram account @dermy_doctor and is also the founder of the skincare subscription box Dermy Doc Box. On this week's episode she gave us all the skincare tips &

Episode 18: Roundtable Talk with Shayma Ghaleb & Zahra Huber on Arab-American Identity, the Weight of Expectations & Culture and What We Get Wrong About Islam
May 12, 2021

Shayma Ghaleb is an MS & Gastropresis survivor, she is currently enrolled in nursing school and helps others to overcome their own difficulties through her motivational speaking. Zahra Huber is a former journalist and the host of the podcast Breaking

Episode 17: Samantha Barash, Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian on the Rise of Disordered Eating, Reexamining our Relationship with our Bodies & Using Social Media Purposefully
March 31, 2021

Samantha Barash is an intuitive eating registered dietitian who started her own business Tap Into Nutrition to promote a gentler and more natural approach to eating and movement. Samantha wants us to see nutrition and health as so much more than just a nu

Episode 16: Christian Moon, Certified Life Coach On Finding an Identity Outside of Motherhood, Mom Shaming, and Creating Time for Deep Work
March 24, 2021

Christian Moon is a certified life coach, wife, mom of two, and the creator of the initiative “Ambitious with a Purpose.” As a young, single mom Christian struggled with the judgement of others and with finding her identity outside of motherhood. She seek