Thru the Wringer with Mike and Jo

Thru the Wringer with Mike and Jo

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Episode #85 - Fantastical Beasts of the Mind: Foreboding
February 19, 2023

Mike and Jo discuss their recent trip south and the gift of a new van, Jo is triggered by two phone conversations that dig up painful memories, and both disclose struggles with forebodings and what can be done to be free from them.We have created a Thru t

Episode #84 - Mental Hygiene - Floss Your Brain, Bro!
February 05, 2023

Did you know that mental hygiene is just as important for you as your physical hygiene routine? It's true! Let's get into the nitty gritty about how you can practice mental hygiene for your own peace and happiness!We have created a Thru the Wrin

Episode #83 - Emotionally Sober Me
January 29, 2023

Here we are at the beginning of the new year and it is a great time for a revisit to the subject of emotional sobriety, to understand this topic, and make an intention to live without all the drama and pain that emotional intoxication brings. Enjoy!We hav

Episode #82 - Lovin' Me Some HSPs
January 24, 2023

Have you been wondering about the Highly Sensitive People in your life and how you can be there for them ? This episode addresses the practical steps we can take to love the HSPs in our lives. Mike and Jo also discuss the mental health disparities that th

Episode #81 - Letting Go of Fakety McFakester - Unmasking Ourselves
January 15, 2023

Mike and Jo discuss the foundations of the false self, how our infancy and childhood are the beginnings of the unconscious creation of roles that we use to receive acceptance and gives us a place in our dysfunctional families.  We have created a Thru the

Episode #80 - Cursed Be My Traumatic Memories!
January 08, 2023

Mike and Jo discuss the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, Mike realizes he outscores most of society and is in peril, and Jo has disturbing flashbacks while singing in the choir causing Mike to question her spiritual state.Are you enjoying our podcasts

Episode 79: The BEST of 2022!!
January 01, 2023

Here it is!! A montage of 2022! All the highlights, deep moments, touching stories, and outright silliness in one place! Don't miss it because it is one of a kind. Hope you really enjoy this and Happy, Happy, HAPPY New Year!!Are you enjoying our podc

Episode #78 Conspiracy Theories and Scarcity Mindsets
December 25, 2022

Conspiracy theories threaten Jo's sanity in this episode, while Mike questions her potential need for assisted living due to a dementia scare. They discuss abundance and resourcefulness and reveal the real reason behind Jo's love of documentarie

Thru the Wringer Podcast Trailer
December 23, 2022

Married duo, Mike and Jo, create an engaging podcast with their bad ass banter! Their family has had experience with alcoholism, divorce, drug abuse, mental illness, neglect and sexual abuse. But hasn't everyone has experienced pain, trauma, sorrow,

Episode #77 - The Adventures of Mike and Jo
December 18, 2022

Although Jo is seriously vexed in this episode (about undisclosed issues and struggles to be pleasant), she and Mike dig into clinical info about neuroplasticity and all the hope that it can bring for us. Mike and Jo question the "War on Drugs"