Point of Sale

Point of Sale

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Fenty enters the Metaverse
June 28, 2023

Grace explains how and why brands are entering the metaverse. She is also joined by supply chain manager and TikTok star Cait Gillespie to discuss her work and new substack reviewing supply chain news. Follow the Point of Sale Podcast Other FreightWaves S

A world without Barbie pink
June 07, 2023

Grace describes the supply chain issues of 2021 and the Hollywood film that led to the worldwide shortage of Barbie pink. She also invites Jim Waters, Vice President of Marketing for Frayt, to discuss the company’s recent last-mile delivery survey. Follow

History of retail ice
May 31, 2023

Grace explains the history behind retail ice and also examines NVIDIA’s recent boom as more and more supply chains become focused on AI capabilities. Follow the Point of Sale Podcast Other FreightWaves Shows Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megapho

From entry-level to CTO
May 24, 2023

Grace reviews recent Walmart earnings and shares a fun new way to get your favorite sauces. She also welcomes Marc Tomkinson, C3 Solutions new CTO to discuss the company’s journey building yard management solutions. Follow the Point of Sale Podcast Other

Retailer Investment in AI
May 10, 2023

Grace Sharkey describes different ways that generative AI can be used by retailers to give them a competitive edge and, in the long run, make the barrier of entry even smaller for fashionistas.

The tea on grocery store drama
May 03, 2023

Grace Sharkey updates us on the drama behind the Kroger/Albertsons merger. She also welcomes Keelvar CEO Alan Holland to discuss artificial intelligence trends in sourcing.

Overcoming Retail Challenges in 2023
April 19, 2023

Grace invites Greg Braun, chief revenue officer of C3 Solutions, to discuss the recent developments within the retail industry including inventory issues, different consumer spending trends and innova

The Intellectual Property of FabFitFun
April 12, 2023

Grace chats with Julian Van Erlach, senior vice president of global supply chain, fulfillment and logistics for subscription box company FabFitFun on two recent patents the company received. She also

The consumer trends of FW experts
March 29, 2023

Grace chats with FreightWaves experts Thomas Wasson and Mary O’Connell to discuss changing consumer trends. They also play a game of “Guess that Inflated Price”.

Shopify Fulfillment Network's CCO on Empowering Retailers
March 15, 2023

Grace shares her thoughts on a recent retail study from the National Retail Federation on crime and cargo theft. She also welcomes Soumya Srinagesh Tulloss, Chief Customer Officer of Shopify Fulfillme