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Chloe Maleski, Sports Performance Coach & former Division 1 Cross Country/Track Athlete Episode 162
September 03, 2021

Sports Performance Coach and former Division 1 Cross Country and Track athlete, Chloe Maleski is here to talk about how she turned grit and discipline into flexibility and adaptability in order for he

Brian Wood, President of MARS Coaching Episode 161
September 01, 2021

President of MARS Coaching, Brian Wood, is here to talk about his approach that supports greatness, impact, community, and humanity. Brian shares how he coaches athletes to transition out of sports mo

Jordan Palmer, former NFL Quarterback and Elite Quarterback Coach Series 21
March 17, 2021

Today in the pocket, Jake and Grant sit down with former NFL Quarterback and Elite Quarterback Coach, Jordan Palmer, where he talks about how he builds elite Quarterbacks from the inside out. Palmer

Adam Strong, The Game Changer Episode 148
March 02, 2021

Adam Strong, former Elite Long-Distance Runner, Trainer, and Founder of The Game Changers Next Level Club. Adam takes us back to his childhood where he shares his experience with what he calls “Young

Thane Ringler, former Professional Golfer and Performance Coach Episode 147
February 18, 2021

Thane Ringler, former Professional Golfer and Performance Coach, shares his journey of self-discovery, his life after sport, and how important it was for him to learn the skill of reframing and honori

Nick Anderson, former NBA Player Episode 146
February 11, 2021

Nick Anderson, former NBA Basketball player, discusses how to create and honor the mental toughness process and how to overcome mistakes. Nick shares what makes the greats like Michael Jordan, Joe Dum

Graham Betchart, Mental Performance Coach, Mindset Music Episode 145
February 09, 2021

Mental Performance Coach, Grant Parr and Mental Performance Coach, Graham Betchart bring you the Mindset Music Series, where they share their thoughts on the importance and impact of music as it suppo

Ron Jaworski, former NFL Ouarterback and NFL Analyst
February 07, 2021

Ron Jaworski, former NFL Ouarterback and NFL Analyst by 90% Mental

Hunter Bishop - Arizona State University Baseball Player - Adversity and Transition - Episode 1
November 15, 2016

90% Mental is a bi-weekly podcast that brings awareness to mental performance and sport psychology issues by interviewing athletes, coaches, trainers, etc. highlighting their mental performances exper