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What Makes Chicago Roller Skaters the Best?
July 05, 2023

Chicago roller skaters have long been called the smoothest roller skaters for their intricate footwork, elaborate routines, and signature swagger. We visit MLK Roller Skating and Bowling Center in Auburn Gresham with Chicago legend Theresa “Sweet T” Ferre

Have You Tried These ‘Hometown Bites’ From Chi?
July 03, 2023

Tired of the same old burgers and dogs on Fourth of July? Looking for something unique — and truly Chicago — to feed your out-of-town guests? Food writers Monica Eng and David Hammond have a whole book to help you out. “Made in Chicago: Stories Behind 30

Terrible Air Quality, More Highway Expansions, and Holiday Cookouts
June 30, 2023

Earlier this week, Chicago had some of the worst air quality in the world due to wildfire smoke from Canada. Officials have recommended masking and limiting outdoor exposure. But should Chicagoans be prepared for smoke to happen more often as the impacts

NASCAR Rolls into Chicago…And You Have Opinions
June 29, 2023

After weeks of road closures and a healthy amount of skepticism from city residents, NASCAR weekend is upon us. We hear from a few City Cast listeners and Hey Chicago readers, some of whom want to avoid the area and others excited for the race. Plus, host

This Alder Wants City Council’s Immigration Committee to Actually Meet
June 28, 2023

The City Council’s committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights is slated to meet this morning — the same committee that failed to meet for over a year even as the city scrambled to house thousands of arriving migrants and asylum-seekers. Now, it has a new c

Mayor Johnson vs. Candidate Johnson, Weird Local Laws, and Can Chicagoans Drive?
June 27, 2023

Five weeks into Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first term, and supporters as well as critics are watching closely to see if he’ll keep his campaign promises. Recent moves to continue to allow local school councils to keep police officers in schools and a payment

Red Line Extension Finally On Track After Decades of Promises
June 26, 2023

Chicago doesn’t end at 95th Street — but its busiest train line does. For 54 years, Far South Siders have been pushing for the Red Line to be extended, and for decades promises have failed to materialize. Now, with some funding secured, key City Council a

Pride Parade, Minimum Wage, and Cubs Take London
June 23, 2023

Chicago’s 52nd annual Pride Parade is Sunday starting in Uptown and ending in Lincoln Park. The Chicago Reader’s editor in chief Salem Collo-Julin talks about need-to-know information and the Reader’s latest Pride Issue. We are also joined by Chicago Maga

The Ultimate Summertime Chi Dining Guide
June 22, 2023

All this month, we’ve been bringing you our Summer Entertainment guide to help you tackle Summertime Chi with a plan. And when it comes to navigating the plethora of outdoor dining options in the city, you’re going to need one. For our final installment i

How to Keep Rats From Ruining Your Summer
June 21, 2023

For eight years, Chicago has been dubbed the “rattiest” city in the country by pest control company Orkin. The city sees some 40,000-50,000 311 calls for rats each year, and they peak in the summer, says Josie Cruz, head of rodent control at the city’s St