Lights On with LoraXplora™ ©Laura M. Moutal Inc.

Lights On with LoraXplora™ ©Laura M. Moutal Inc.

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SO MANY Lessons from TOP GUN Maverick!
February 18, 2023

Just listen! Five seconds into the movie and you'll get excited as I do. I list the lesson here, and the questions to ask before, during, after (or for anything.) Approved, so approved! LESSONS: Youthful empowerment Power of Empowering music Overcoming Fe

Be in the moment in their creations!
February 04, 2023

Recent experience is remind us, that if we are in the moment with another person’s creations, not only are, we encouraging there creation out into this world, but some how the inspiration enlightens, and invigorate the spirit in ourselves to create as wel

1 degree shift - the magic of creativity now for more focus later
February 04, 2023

1 Degree outside? metaphor opportunity! I would suggest these ideas with today's episode: Allow for a small change in perspective to recognize the magic it brings. Creative much? Allow the flow, it is natural for and part of the process of catharsis,

Obstacle? Throw spaghetti on the wall.
January 28, 2023

Exploring spontaneous courage and not having a linear plan, but more random. Where you focus - is the key. So let's choose where to focus - the best Spaghetti is just a metaphor probably because food is one of my favorites to play with in this way. Random

Recharge right now! Find a way to breathe and walk in nature to reset and add fuel into everything!
August 27, 2021

Inspired while on a trail run about an acorn, venomous snakes, woodpeckers, and trees oh my! My discovery is that we are best when reset by nature’s life and we get to a better place once we do that. Do it! we've got this. LoraXplora™, Laurainspiredporje

Random is beautiful - let yourself flow.
April 08, 2021

truly just take whatever you want from this episode. :) quick random gratitude... share it forward!

Going with the flow! Out here
November 30, 2017

Day 1 grateful for this sunrise!