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Imagination Wonderland

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Story of Sita and the Crow
June 19, 2022

The prince of Ayodhya and avatar of the god Vishnu, Rama is exiled to the forest with his wife Sita (an avatar of Vishnu's wife Lakshmi) and brother Lakshmana. A fatigued Rama was sleeping in the lap of Sita, when a crow attacked her. The crow pecks at he

The story of the Merlion
May 05, 2022

Hi everyone!!Do you know the story of the Merlion? Well,I do! If you don't know, listen to this podcast and enjoy the story full of laughter created by my my brother, Dharmu, and my cousin,Abirami.

Story of Holika
March 14, 2022

Stories-by-ViKa presents... Story of Holika!!! This is the first time I am posting a devotional story in Anchor. Hope you have a great time in Imagination Wonderland with me, Vaishu!(akka to some kids here)

Nambi, the eating man
January 31, 2022

Stories-by-ViKa presents... Nambi the eating man!!! Go get your popcorn and soda and 3D glasses! Hope you have fun!!!

The birds sky feast
December 04, 2021

Hi hope you enjoyed the onion soup story, and here is another story like that and the the cover of the podcast is because it is from Tinkle!

Story of the Onion soup
December 02, 2021

Welcome back to Imagination Wonderland!! In this podcast hear the story of Mrs Brown and her super giant onion, but what will happen? Go on. Find out what will happen. Dream on?!!!

Shopping World Record!!!!
September 14, 2021

Hi everyone,I hope you enjoyed the previous story, and I hope you will enjoy this story also. If you want to know what happened, you can listen to the story!!!

Kutti Kathrikavum Vaishuvum part 2
August 14, 2021

Hi everybody!Did you want to know what happened? Well... that it is that I cannot tell you what happened. Well.... there is a way that I can tell you what happened! Listen the podcast!!!

Adrikavum Mythily paatiyum
August 10, 2021

Hi!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the last story, and I heard that many of you have got everything correct!!!! But this story is the most unusual. Go on. Find out what happens to Adrika. Dream on!!!!

Vaishu's big adventure
July 19, 2021

Hi everybody! I think all your answers are correct! Did you enjoy the story?