YIF Walking Through Fire

YIF Walking Through Fire

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YIF Podcast Episode 10: ft Danny Freitas, Narrow Gate vs Wide Gate
January 30, 2021

Our special guest danny Freitas join us to give us some perspective on the 2 paths we face in life. Salvation or damnation. Not a popular topic but a necessary one. You don’t wanna miss this one.

YIF Podcast episode 9: Discovering the will of God for your life
January 15, 2021

Welcome back! Sorry for the delay we’re back and we’re better! Listen in take notes as we talk about the steps to discover the will of God for your life. Seek his righteousness and ALL things shall be

YIF Podcast episode 7: Battlefield Of the Mind
November 30, 2020

Fear, doubt, worry, some of life’s biggest mental struggles. How can we overcome them? How can we recognize them? How can we step into our God given authority? Listen in as meshack Lufile & Anto Raic