Dunder Mifflin Talk

Dunder Mifflin Talk

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Episode 7
March 07, 2021

The best office podcast in the history of podcasting come check us out and have a good tim. Lets get it.

Episode 6 Flings and things
February 19, 2021

Good evening my Dunder Mifflin alums. I hope you guys enjoy this show coming up. Today we talked about the Flings that could have been fun and would have been interesting. So sit back relax and enjoy

Episode 5 Story Holes
February 11, 2021

We bring a new topic and new category to the show. This one we are calling story holes where we get into the story lines that the show did not follow up on or seem to care to follow up on. We give you

Episode 4 Our Favorite Characters from Worst to Best
January 29, 2021

Today Nando and I go over our favorite charterers from worst to best. So please sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Episode 3 Love square, Who's the bad guy?
January 21, 2021

Welcome back all you Scranton cool people. Thank for tuning back in. Today we talk about The love square between Jim, Roy, Brian and Pam. Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in all of this. So

Episode 2 Our top seasons from best to worst
January 18, 2021

Today we talk about our favorite seasons from best to worst. You can always catch us cracking up laughing just talking and reminiscing about old episode. And also find out who our least favorite chara