Copinya de Volta Verda

Copinya de Volta Verda

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Copinya de Volta Verda 730 / Tom Rush & Waylon Jennings / 09-06-21
June 24, 2023

playllista : TOM RUSH -No regrets -Rockport sunday -Shadow dream song -So long -Something in the way she moves -Sunshine sunshine -The glory of love -Tin angel WAYLON JENNINGS -Another bridge to burn -I may never pass this way again -Lonesom on'ry and m

Copinya de Volta Verda 729 / Van Morrison Tribute (bis) / 03-06-21
June 14, 2023

playllista : VAN MORRISON -Did ye get healed -Domino -Glad tidings -Have I told you lately -Here comes the Knight -In the garden -Raglan Road -Warm love ELVIS COSTELLO -Full force gale MARIANNE FAITHFULL -Madame George BRIAN KENNEDY -Queen of the slipstr

Copinya de Volta Verda 728 / Wilde Flowers Tribute / 02-06-21
June 03, 2023

playllista : WILDE FLOWERS -Almost grown -Impotence -Memories -Memories instrumental -Never leave me -No game when you loose -Parchman farm -She loves to hurt -She's gone -Those words they say CARAVAN -It's likely to have a name next week -Magic man -Po

Copinya de Volta Verda 727 / Any 1994 (bis) / 27-05-21
June 02, 2023

playllista : -Eagles (Learn to be still, The girl from yesterday) -Elastica (Connection) -Green Day (Sassafras roots, Welcome to paradise) -Guided by Voices (Smothered in hugs) -Joe Cocker (The great divide) -Rolling Stones (Love is strong) -Suede (The a

Copinya de Volta Verda 726 / Prog Rock Brit (VIII) / 26-05-21
May 26, 2023

playllista : -Van der Graaf Generator (Ponker's theme) -Yes (Owner of a lonely heart) -Genesis (Silent sun) -Hatfield and the North (Calyx) -Jon Anderson (Moon Ra / Chords / Song of search) -King Crimson (The talking drum) -Marillion (Goodbye to all that)

Copinya de Volta Verda 725 / Rod Stewart / 20-05-21
May 13, 2023

playllista : -Big bayou -Born loose -Hot legs -I know I'm losing you -Lost paraguayos -Mandolin wind -Pretty flamingo -The balltrap -True blue -Twistin' the night away -You got a nerve -You wear it well

Copinya de Volta Verda 724 / Santana : Abraxas / 19-05-21
May 07, 2023

A la segunda fue la vencida. Ya con su primer disco un jovencísimo Carlos Santana había dado un puñetazo, más bien un guitarrazo, sobre la mesa del rock que se disponía entrar en la década de los años 70. C

Copinya de Volta Verda 723 / Conrad Schnitzler & Esplendor Geometrico / 06-05-21
April 22, 2023

playllista : Conrad Schnitzler (1.11.84) Esplendor Geometrico (Bismillah, Dinamo 3, Nador)

Copinya de Volta Verda 722 / Reggae 5 / 05-05-21
April 14, 2023

playllista : -Peter Tosh (Itziabeher, No sympathy, Why must I cry) -Bob Marley (Satisfy my soul, She's gone) -Dandy Livingstone (Suzanne beware of the devil) -Dennis Brown (Say what you say) -Desmond Dekker (Ah it mek) -Eek-a-mouse & Roots radics (Que

Copinya de Volta Verda 721 / Musica Cosmica 7 / 29-04-21 /
April 01, 2023

playllista : -Tangerine Dream (Bent cold sidewalk, Rising runner missed by endless sender) -Christopher Franke (Driving into blue) -Joel Fajerman (Atroce, Psy, Soleil froid, Stries, Vox populi) -Jonn Serrie (Goldstone) -Neuronium (The neutron age)