Talking Machines

Talking Machines

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Gods and Robots
September 09, 2021

In this episode of the podcast we shake things up! Neil is on the guest side of the table with his partner Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner to discuss their upcoming project Gods and Robots. Katherine is joined on the host side by friend of the show professor

Responsibility, Risk, and Publishing
August 19, 2021

On this episode we feature an interview with Madhulika Shrikumar of the Partnership on AI about their recent work Managing Risk and Responsible Publication See for privacy information.

ICML 2021: Test of Time(ly) Award
July 24, 2021

Neil and Katherine chat about ICML and the timely award winner of this years test of time award! Bayesian Learning via Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics See for privacy information.

S7 Ep1: Learning with Less, Invisible Labor and Combating Anti-Blackness
July 09, 2021

Devin Guillory of UC Berkeley, is our guest on this episode. We talk about his love of robotics, working at the center of a new hype (learning with less labels) and his paper Combatting Anti-Blackness in the AI Community. He recently gave a talk on the su

Hello World!
January 01, 2015

In the first episode of Talking Machines we meet our hosts, Katherine Gorman (nerd, journalist) and Ryan Adams (nerd, Harvard computer science professor), and explore some of the interviews you'll be