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Inbound Logistics Podcast

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Port Drayage: How is Syfan Logistics Handling Increased Demand In Southern Ports? Guests: Matt Keadle, Jake McCardel,...
July 05, 2023

As the supply chain continues to evolve to meet shifting consumer demand signals, the ports have seen traffic increases that require adaptation on the fly. For some companies, focusing on port drayage has been a key factor to handling the demand. Matt Kea

Pumping Up the Volume at the Port: What is driving the Rise in Volume at East Coast Ports? Guests: Andrea Kirkland...
May 18, 2023

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has seen an unprecedented growth in cargo volumes especially compared to their West Coast counterparts. While the overall market is still fighting its way back from the lingering effects of the pandemic, vario

Freight is a Crazy World: Tracy Meetre, Chief Commercial Officer, Sunset Transportation
May 17, 2023

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS VIDEO PODCAST SERIES: Today, we will be discussing some of the challenges facing shippers in the current market, as well as look at a few ways that they should and maybe should NOT, try to address some of those hurdles. We are

You Like to Move it: Previewing Vaux™ Freight Movement Technology from ArcBest Guest: Michael Newcity, Chief...
April 21, 2023

The simple act of moving freight is hardly simple and can take hours or even days to complete. What if there was an innovative suite of hardware to modernize and transform how freight is loaded, unloaded and transferred? Meet Vaux from ArcBest which enabl

The Data Game: What Data Should Shippers Focus on in Today’s Market? Guest: Chad Kennedy, Group Product Manager,..
April 10, 2023

Rates shift as dynamically as the market does so it’s important for shippers to have some benchmarks in place to navigate it as cleanly (and cheaply) as possible. However, that requires investing a lot of time and focus on top of simply getting the

Back on the Rails: How Can Shippers Make Better Use of Rail Freight? Guest: Eric Jakubowski, Chief Commercial...
April 05, 2023

Like many industries, rail shipping hit the brakes during the pandemic and has found itself in an uphill climb to catch up to its trucking counterparts. When it comes to things like finding rail-served sites, or managing transloading operations, the task

Technology Solutions: How Can Companies Leverage Technology to Create the Right Customer Solutions? Guest: Jim...
March 13, 2023

As the industry and economy continue to change, businesses have to find ways to stay competitive. Companies need solutions that increase visibility and access to capacity just to keep up with consumer demand. Technology and data allow companies to become

American Trucking Association: A Word with the Chairman, Dan Van Alstein
January 19, 2023

Dan Van Alstein, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ruan, has taken on another mantle as the Chairman of the American Trucking Association. As the leader of an industry that has been thrust into the spotlight, Dan has set many goals in place for an

Tech Integration: How Can Companies Integrate Technology to Maintain Level Ground in Uncertain Times? Guests: Dave...
January 11, 2023

The current economy has seen supply chain companies pull back on key investments particularly with regards to technology. But in the big picture, are they actually hampering their chances at stability? After all, the right tech can benefit everyone from c

Peak Season: How Can Businesses Rise to Meet New E-Commerce Challenges? Guest: Megan Smith, CEO, Symbia Logistics
December 07, 2022

Peak season always comes with its own set of challenges, but after two plus years of unprecedented disruption, how have those challenges evolved to address new e-commerce expectations? Megan Smith, CEO of Symbia Logistics, joins us to offer her insight on