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The Influencer Green Room!

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AI is awesome tool for Content Creators - here is why:
May 09, 2022

Is this the end of Content Creators?AI is able to right now read out a script in your own voice so is it just a matter of time before we can push a button a realistic-looking avatar will replace us on camera?Today, we dive into Hour One and its AI technol

How to come up with your next video idea - YouTube Strategist reveals his process!
March 28, 2022

Do you struggle to come up with your next video idea?How do you know which video will perform versus which video will not?I chat with Trent  Haire, who is a YouTube Strategist working with Creators and generating millions of views.We broke down the Ideati

NFT for Creators - What every creator needs to know about the NFT space
March 14, 2022

What is NFT?What is Web3.0What is Metaverse?How can creators take advantage of this space and build a stronger community?We dive into all of this on this episode of The Influencer Green Room with QuHarrion Terry who is a futurist, visionary, and has a way

How to negotiate with brands and earn more money with your content with Justin Moore
February 24, 2022

How can you earn more money when working with brands?How can you convert a NO into a YES ?How can you become the go-to person that brands love to work with and are willing to pay more money?Justin Moore is an expert when it comes to working with brands an

YouTube Strategist React To Popular YouTube Growth Advice with Mario Joost
February 08, 2022

The amount of bullshit I have been hearing on Clubhouse and Twitter threads and Blogs is just ridiculous. And it's frustrating because I know someone is listening and struggling with their YouTube channel and now they are getting all this bad advice

The secret to earning more affiliate money - GeniusLink CEO, Jesse Lakes tells us how
February 02, 2022

I thought I knew all about Affiliate Marketing - I was wrong!I discovered that I was leaving so much money on the table by not really understanding the nuances of how this all works.In this episode, I get schooled by GeniusLink's CEO, Jesse Lakes and

5 ways to make more money with your content
August 10, 2021

Let's be honest, running a social media account or a YouTube channel costs money.It's not free.You have equipment to buy, events to attend, software to invest in, not to mention your time. So how can you earn more revenue from your content?In th

Why do some videos get more exposure on YouTube?
July 27, 2021

This is a common question: Why do some videos get "picked up by YouTube algorithm" and get more views over other videos?Today in this power episode of The Influencer Green Room, Benji and I break down the reasons why and it has to do with the 3

From Small YouTube Channel to 8 figure business
June 29, 2021

How do you go from a small YouTube channel to a business making over 8 figures?In this video Guy Cochran shares why going to industry events is so crucial, his blueprint for contacting brands to get noticed, and ultimately the tips to help you get free pr

100 videos in 100 days - HOW?
June 22, 2021

Most of us struggle with making just 1 video a week, so how did Antonio Centeno record 100 videos in 100 days?Antonio Centenno, founder of Real Men Real Style is not only a successful businessman with multiple ventures, but his YouTube channel boasts 2.7