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Episode 31
April 07, 2023

Episode 31 is Ultra Based. I will probably be fined at some point. Enjoy. #livefreeordie --- Support this podcast:

Episode 30
January 26, 2023

This is episode 30 we made it this far. Thank you! --- Support this podcast:

Episode 29
January 20, 2023

Episode 29 is the latest episode of my show. I hope you all enjoy this episode. Thanks. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 28
January 13, 2023

Happy New Year's everyone and Happy Friday 13th. This is a two part episode. I used a new way to record my episode this week. Let me know if you like it or not, thank you! --- Support this podcast:

Episode 27
December 07, 2022

Where is Moore County, NC? --- Support this podcast:

Episode 26
December 02, 2022

In this episode we talk about everything from Gen Z to propagandist on twitter. Even Liver King ends up on this episode. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 25
November 08, 2022

Election day! This is my latest episode. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 24
March 05, 2022

This is episode 24 where I invite my good friend Jill Kocsis who has a career in food science research & development while having a passion for fixing cars in her off time. We talk about science, politics, and global events going into 2022. --- Sup

Episode 23
January 06, 2022

This week I discuss hypocrites and how they people should do things that are hypocritical.  --- Support this podcast:

Episode 22
December 30, 2021

Still trying to get back at this podcast. Thank you for the support. This week is just me ranting about stuff that is just my opinion on things that should be talked about. Happy New Years. --- Support this podcast: