Teach Me Bease

Teach Me Bease

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Little bit bout...how I continue
February 02, 2023

In this ep I discuss everyday struggles while trying to keep myself powerful

Little bit bout.. my femininity
October 31, 2022

the one where I learn how to be kind and patient with myself while also learning how to admire the inside as much as the outside.

Little bit bout..self goals pt. 2
August 27, 2022

Part II

Little bit bout..self goals pt. 1
July 27, 2022

The one where I learned I had self control.

Little bit bout.. guilt
May 22, 2022

.. I just want to be, I just want to be, I just want to be successful

Little Bit Bout...Perseverance
April 24, 2022

How do you handle challenges?

Little Bit Bout...Self-Love
March 20, 2022

Let's learn a little bout self-love ...

little bit bout .. busy Bease
February 02, 2022

... hey all, after I uploaded the episode there is some added audio (static throughout the episode) please bare with me =)