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Founder on Founder Podcast

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FOF #8 with James Vuong, Founder of Infina
November 01, 2021

James Vuong is a former Kauffman Fellow, a seasoned investor-turned-entrepreneur, and the founder of Infina, a retail investing app for the Vietnamese market. In this episode, James shares his vision for Infina as well as insights on finding talent and bu

FOF #7 with Julian Artopé, Founder of Zenyum
June 03, 2021

Julian Artopé is the Founder of Zenyum, a healthtech startup that provides 3D-printed Invisible Braces with cutting-edge technology. Headquartered in Singapore with an expansion in seven markets in Asia, their mission is to offer dental treatment at an un

FOF #6 with Constantin Robertz, Co-founder of LOCAD
May 12, 2021

In this episode, Constantin shares his background and mission to co-founding LOCAD in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. He further shares insights on building a remote company culture and how to raise funding. LOCAD is Southeast Asia’s first cloud logis

FOF #5 with Thomas Miklavec, Founder of POC Pharma
May 06, 2021

Thomas Miklavec, a serial entrepreneur and Founder of POC Pharma shares his journey of building tech startups within the pharmaceutical industry in emerging markets. POC Pharma is a technology solutions company offering omnichannel sales management, trade

FOF #4 with Dzung Dang, Founder of Vui App by Nano Technologies
April 25, 2021

Dzung Dang is the Founder of Vui App by Nano Technologies, an early-wage access platform that aims to deliver inclusive financial wellness solutions for millions of mass Vietnamese, and empower companies to care for and engage their employees in the most

FOF #3 with Hang Do, Co-founder of SCommerce and Fanny Moizant, Co-founder & President of Vestiaire Collective.
March 21, 2021

Tune in for insights from Hang Do and Fanny Moizant on their path of entrepreneurship, success, practices and life lessons on leadership. Hear their advice on starting a business as a woman, networking, and increasing diversity and inclusivity in the tech

FOF #2 with Andre Menezes, Co-founder of Next Gen Foods, Tindle
March 16, 2021

In this week's episode, Andre Menezes, Co-founder of Next Gen Foods shares his entrepreneurial experiences and background in plant-based foods to co-founding his food tech company that has recently launched its plant-based chicken brand, TinDLE. He talks

FOF #1 with Vidush Mahansaria, Co-founder of Vara
March 09, 2021

On this episode, Vidush Mahansaria, Co-founder of Vara shares his early experiences and entrepreneurial journey: what he has learned about leadership, how to build a strong company culture remotely, engagement versus scaling, as well as finding the meanin