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James Schomburgk Clinician | Educator | Hollywood Script Writer
July 05, 2023

James has been a significant contributor to our profession through years of service in professional bodies, teaching at undergraduate & postgraduate levels, mentoring young clinicians, developing business owners and helping clients. But, as is the cas

Anna-Louise Bouvier Media Guru | Entrepreneur | Educator
June 14, 2023

Anna-Louise had 2 passions in addition to becoming a Physio. Following graduation, she realised bench warming wasn't for her (short-term patch-up), and neither were medium-term repairs, she wanted to make longer-term, habit-forming changes for her pa

Martin Meyer Entrepreneur
May 24, 2023

Martin did all the conventional things; high school directly into Physio, worked a few years finding his clinical feet, did the hard yards warming sporting benches & completed his Masters in Sports, but then a 'we can do better' situation ar

Nick Schuster Clinician | Entrepreneur | Educator
May 03, 2023

From the moment he walked out 1/2 way through his first job interview, Nick has been forging his own path. Now 40, Nick has experienced most things associated with the business world of Physiotherapy; including going into debt to buy his first business, e

Mick Hughes Clinician | Educator
April 10, 2023

You might say that Mick did it tough getting to his final dream of being a Sports Physiotherapist. With too many 'distractions' he didn't gain direct entry, and only just scraped into Exercise Physiology with a very late 'cash-only&apo

Diane Lee Clinician | Educator | Researcher
March 20, 2023

By age 16, as a result of her gymnastic pursuits, Diane had an unstable ankle, 'funky' elbow and pelvic floor incontinence and so begin her interface with rehabilitation. Welcome to Physio+10 and our guest Diane Lee.  Diane is a Canadian Physiot

Dr Linda Khong Clinician | Researcher | Educator
February 27, 2023

This conversation was recorded with Dr Linda Khong while she was in Singapore, celebrating the Chinese New Year.During our conversation I was struck by how Linda has traversed so many aspects of our profession; clinician + academic, private + public pract

Chris Perrey Sports & MSK Physiotherapist
February 06, 2023

Chris came late to Physiotherapy, via a health science degree in genetics and after 8 years of research in the UK (@ the young age of 39) decided to pivot into Physiotherapy in Perth.  What happens over the next 15 years is an extraordinary path to comple

Randall Cooper Clinician | Entrepreneur | Educator
January 19, 2023

Physio+10 explores the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and we kick off 2023 in conversation with Randall Cooper. Randall is known to many as a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist with a passion for ACL rehab, to others as the creator of PreMax and

Mark Brabazon | Sports Physiotherapist & Gym owner
December 11, 2022

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with Mark Brabazon. Mark represents a new generation of Physiotherapists with dual degrees in S & C and Physiotherapy. He has a specific interest in ru