Creative Working Title

Creative Working Title

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028 Creators behind Alvarium Beer and Coffee
December 01, 2022

Steve Walter sits down with Nick Palermo and Jacob Failla from Alvarium brewing and roasting about how they incorporate creativity in their respective crafts and what it means to them.

027 - Creative Wild
October 20, 2022

The Guides of Creative Wild welcome the Wild Ones into the studio to talk about the origins and purpose of the talent accelerator. Learn more about Creative Wild at

026 - Pete Sena & Kellie Pcolar
July 07, 2022

Digital Surgeons co-founder Pete Sena and Sr Brand Experience Designer Kellie Pcolar join Steve to talk about AI Art Generation! From designing cover art for Cosmo magazine to thousands of creatives j

025 - Creative Director JP Flagg
June 03, 2022

JP joins the Bodcast, as he called it, to make Steve say f*ck way too much and to tell old stories with James for way too long. It's long, it's hilarious, and it's worth a listen. Enjoy!

024 - Monique Sourinho
May 16, 2022

Steve and James are once again joined by creative genius Mo to talk about creativity and big, dumb ideas that need to be shared with the world.

023 - Sweet Justin Girard
May 12, 2022

Join creatives Steve Walter and James Dowd as they welcome Associate Creative Director Justin Girard to chat all things design & creativity, including dinosaurs, why Europe loves us, and how much

022 - Get Sh*t Done Day at DS
January 06, 2022

We're getting sh!t done at DS, which means it's a day for focus and progress -- unless you're Steve & Jeff who made it a day of content creation with special guests Brianna Mejia (Content Intern a

021 - Coachima's Rochelle Ellis
May 07, 2021

This is a magical one, folks! Superstar coach, entrepreneur, leader, and legend Rochelle Ellis joins the boys to remind them that they're idiots and to demonstrate how she's a powerhouse who's transfo

020 - Brand Experience Lead Andre Picard
April 30, 2021

Jeff and Steve sit down with the coach and design master himself, Andre Picard! Together, the fellas discuss how branding is more than just design; it's the fundamental foundation that needs to become

019 - Cost Per Mmmpression
April 20, 2021

For some dumb reason, the guys went into the studio to talk about the Super Bowl, because that's something people apparently do in the middle of April. But after that, they finally figure out what CPM