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Ep. 173: Jason Cornwell
February 14, 2023

Jason Cornwell joins me for episode #173. From cast member turned casting director, Jason Cornwell details how he transitioned from one of the 7 strangers in Boston to then casting Real World Hawaii t

Ep. 171: Total Drama Island's GWEN voice actor Megan Fahlenbock
September 26, 2022

Megan Fahlenbock best known for voicing Gwen in Cartoon Network's Total Drama Island joins me. We discuss her upbringing, playing Gwen, Total Drama Island's success, and more! --- This episode is s

Ep. 166: Survivor’s Sugar Kiper
August 18, 2022

Sugar Kiper joins me for episode #166. We discuss her time as an actress, Marylin Monroe inspiration, her time in Exile, Corrine's Jury Speech, Randy, mental health bouts post show, what didn't make a

Ep. 165: Survivor Gabon Winner Bob Crowley
August 13, 2022

Bob Crowley won Survivor Gabon, and rode off into the sunset, however if it's up to him he'd still be playing the game. We discuss his casting story, almost being on Heroes vs Villains, creating a fak

Ep. 164: Survivor's Marcus Lehman
August 11, 2022

Marcus Lehman joins the show for episode #165. We discuss how he got on survivor, life as a Doctor, his time on Survivor, how the Onion Alliance crumbled, and what led to his exit and more! #SURVIVOR

Ep. 162: Total Drama Island' Duncan Voice Actor: Drew Nelson
July 31, 2022

Drew Nelson who is best known for his voice animation of Duncan in the wildly popular, Total Drama Island series joins me for episode https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/1612. We discuss his upbringing, h

Ep. 161: MTV Catfish's Justin Voel-Pel
July 26, 2022

Justin and Artis is widely considered the most memorable and infamous Catfish episode of all time. Today we pick the brain of the Catfish himself, Justin. We discuss the casting process, his trials an

Ep. 160: Danny Roberts
July 25, 2022

Danny Roberts joins me for episode #160. We discuss his season of Real World Homecoming, why the notoriety in 2000 wasn't all it was made out to be, his HIV story being edited out of Homecoming, Julie

Ep. 156: Zach Mann
July 12, 2022

Zach Mann joins me for episode #156. We discuss his life as a film producer, his best memories of Real World Key West, his casting story, when he last heard from Svetlana, getting his head shaved on G

Ep. 154: "The Blind Side's" Quinton Aaron
June 30, 2022

Quinton Aaron, best known for his role as Big Mike in The Blind Side joins Mike Lewis for an exclusive interview. He discusses his move to Nashville to create music, his weight loss transformation, ne