The Bilingual Reviewer - A Tamil+English Podcast

The Bilingual Reviewer - A Tamil+English Podcast

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[TAMIL] Karnan: So Yogi Babu is Saguni? - A Movie Review
July 14, 2021

(SPOILER ALERT!) Mari Selvaraj's second and Dhanush's latest. One of the most awaited movies of the year by critics and fans alike. Did it hit the mark? Did the movie achieve what it set out to? Idealogically, I believe it has. I think it had the desired

[ENG] Shadow & Bone (Season 1): She's a ***** imbecile! - A Series Review
June 13, 2021

(SPOILER ALERT!) So as promised (though not for the aforementioned reason), we came out with an episode on the first season of Netflix newest book adaptation. Aqidah and I go on about what hit the mark and what missed (it went wide, ridiculously wide). Od

[ENG] Leaving Time: What do you get if you multiply the Sixth Sense by 5? - A Book Review (SPOILERS)
May 03, 2021

The number 5 in the title is not arbitrary, it refers to the total number of main characters and something happens to these 5 people. Listen on to find out exactly what that is as fellow bookworm Li Shan and myself will talk about what we liked and dislik

[ENG] Crooked Kingdom: So who would you kill off??? - A Book Review
May 03, 2021

Fellow bookworm Aqidah is back to review the second installation of the Six of Crows duology, the Crooked Kingdom, written by Leigh Bardugo (who just became one of my favourite authors, after finishing this book). We talk about stuff we liked, disliked, w

[TAMIL] Nenjam Marappathillai: So what is Level 3 'Pei' power??? - A Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!)
April 21, 2021

-Spoiler Alert- The long awaited (5 years to be exact) movie from Selvaraghavan is out now. Made during the hype era of 'Tamil Pei Padam', the movie releases to much anticipation. It's one helluva ride, at least for myself, because some pretty crazy thing

[TAMIL] Teddy: Dr Varadharaajan yenggeda??? - A Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!)
April 05, 2021

-Spoiler Alert!- So i just watched Teddy (ithe athe tha, ana athe ille) and this episode is about some of the more interesting aspects of the movie, and a bit about what i thought could have been done better. As always, spoilers abound. So be sure to watc

[ENG] Where the Crawdads Sing: Team Tate or Team Chase? Or to hell with both and Team Jumpin'?
March 23, 2021

Fellow bookworm Li Shan and myself are exploring this marshy world written by debutant novelist Delia Owens, who happens to be an established Zoologist (that ought to give you some ideas as to what this book may entail). And to all the female readers who,

[TAMIL] Bhoomi: Anthe magnifying glass vechi tha Corona ke vaccine kande pudichanggelo??? - A review
March 01, 2021

Massive spoiler alert! I may have ruined a few "gems" for the ones who have yet to watch this movie (in retrospect, you're so lucky). However, if you decide to watch it AFTER listening to this podcast, well, godspeed. To the ones who have already watched

[TAMIL] Thaana Serntha Kootam: Anthe 30 paere yennada panningge?! - A Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!)
February 22, 2021

What I liked, disliked, confused and downright infuriated me about the movie Thaana Serntha Kootam, done in Tamil. To any of the souls which still havent watched the movie, well, spoiler alert! So go watch it 1st guys then come back.  if you have found m

[ENG] A Man Called Ove: Tom Hanks or Robert DeNiro? But definitely Carl from Up - A Book Review
February 18, 2021

This is a heartwarming and feel-good (and often hilarious) novel about love, death and pesky pets written by Fredrik Backman. Fellow bookworm Aqidah and I are gonna talk about some of the things we absolutely loved about this book.  Email me at surrenpadm