Around the Nerd!

Around the Nerd!

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Episode 82: At Least the Raging Fortnite Kid Left
May 04, 2022

Bob O and Frost are alone so this is going to be a weird one folks. P3 Network is here to talk about gaming and other random excitement within the gaming and TV/Movie Universe.

Episode 81: Frost keeps breaking shit
April 06, 2022

Join us in the chaos that is Around the Nerd, Now shortened to keep attention spans.

Episode 80: Who gave Spencer the Keys to the Studio
March 02, 2022

Frost, Bob O., and stuck in our doorway Spencer Hart talk about randomness... No plan? fuck it.

Episode 79: Oh No My Tokens, They Funged
February 16, 2022

We are here to talk about SOOOOO much. Please enjoy

Episode 78: January SUUUUUUUCKED
February 09, 2022

Pokemon, Vox Machina, Mergers, Futurama, Percy Jackson and SO much more.

Episode 77: Bob is staying in Bed
December 29, 2021

Bob fell on ice again and refuses to move so we're blaming the sound quality and lack of an opening on that.

Episode 76: Guess who's back...
December 15, 2021

Okay we'll tell you, it's Frost and Bob O. back to talk about random things.

Episode 75: Frost and Bob are Alone Again 2: The reckoning
November 10, 2021

Bob O and Frost are back with Episode 74 to talk about all the random stuff they can but not all the random stuff they usually rant about.

Episode 74: Karisma won't let us talk about Power Rangers or Kamen Rider
October 27, 2021

Karisma and Walrus decided to not leave us alone... which is probably a good thing as we recap nerd news for you today

Episode 73: They really need to stop leaving us alone.
October 20, 2021

Frost and Bob O are alone again, well Bob O is Frost is on VR chat with his woman for some reason... COME ON FROST WE ARE RECORDING A PODCAST