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Rotatoes Podcast

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TSTAS 24 - Let’s Talk About Stranger Things
June 22, 2022

After being forced bodily into catching up on Stranger Things, I am all caught up. So Sis wants to quiz me. Hopefully I don't mess up too much along the way. For reference Season 1 talk starts at 00:0

TSTAS 23 - Harmonious Sarcasm
March 24, 2022

So.... It's been a few years. Hopefully we will put these out more regularly now.

TSTAS 19: Full Jogging Suit
July 02, 2019

Today we talk about many, many things. But mainly we talk about Good Omens, Jon Hamm's john ham, how I have fallen for a group of K-Pop idols, and that we talk way too much about Quantum Leap. We get