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Anabaptist Perspectives

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Managers in God's Household: Stewardship in Fresh Perspective
September 16, 2021

Biblically, stewardship includes our skills and social roles, not just our use of money. It is about the role we play in God’s household.  Marlin Sommers, Kyle Stoltzfus, and Reagan Schrock discuss these concepts and how they can practically play out

Making Use of Bible Translations
September 09, 2021

Why do we need so many Bible translations? How can we take advantage of this broad variety? Marlin Sommers, Kyle Stoltzfus, and Reagan Schrock discuss two essays about translations that Marlin wrote. Read the first essay: https://anabaptistperspectives.

Anabaptists and the “Principalities and Powers”
September 02, 2021

What does the Bible mean when it uses the term “powers”? Can understanding powers and Anabaptist history help Anabaptists today understand themselves better? Marlin interviews Kyle Stoltzfus about his essay “Seeking Better Vision: Anabaptists, History, an

Serving Those Who Have Experienced Trauma
August 26, 2021

What kind of stories do displaced women have? How does abuse affect people? Kate works in Athens Greece with displaced woman who have experienced trauma and abuse. She shares about her work of bringing healing to these people. “The impact of trauma, he [J

The Man Who Stayed Catholic: Erasmus
August 19, 2021

What should Anabaptists (and Protestants) learn from this scholar who stayed with the Catholic church? Why did Erasmus refuse to leave his church?  Stephen Russell tells about the life, writings, and convictions of Desiderius Erasmus. “Looking at

Planting a Church in Brooklyn
August 12, 2021

Allen Roth tells about planting Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church. In 1986, Allen and Carolyn Roth moved to Brooklyn, New York to help plant a church. Allen also shares about the types of ministry that he has seen work well and those that have not. “Su

Ministering to International Scholars
August 05, 2021

How can you help someone who is new in your country to feel at home? What traits do Anabaptists specifically have that are attractive to foreigners? Ernest Eby shares stories and examples of ministry to the international scholars at Penn State University.

The Outcome I Want for my Students
July 29, 2021

What is success in teaching? “One [success] is that over time students become more like Jesus. On a more academic side, one of the things that I look for in my students is that over time they become better thinkers.” John Kuhns loves learning and strives

What I Learned Advising Anabaptist Businesses
July 22, 2021

Can owning a company help one serve God? How does a business develop a Kingdom focus? Verlon Miller describes what he has seen on the inside of Anabaptist businesses as a business advisor. Verlon has been blessed to see the generosity many business owners

Politically Pro Life?
July 15, 2021

As a youth, Stephen Russell was politically active in the pro-life movement. As he grew in his understanding of life and Christ, he recognized that speaking to the heart was more effective than changing political policy. “If I impose a Christian morality