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The Unofficial History of Personal Finance Series - E1
September 02, 2022

Episode 1 of The Unofficial History of Personal Finance.  In this new series, Beau goes back 12,000 years to the beginning of human civilization to attempt to answer the question:  ”How did we get her

102 - Bob Lai
April 11, 2021

Bob Lai ( joins Beau at a conference in Washington, D.C. to share his personal finance story. (Recorded in-person on September 6th, 2019 before the pandemic. Published on April

COVID-19 Weekly Update 16
July 12, 2020

Week 16 of the COVID-19 series features my friends Brynn Byrne and Aaron Yeger, co-hosts of the new podcast "That Was a Show?". We talk about Brynn and Aaron's COVID-19 experience and how the pandemi