Thorn Media Podcast — With John C. Guthrie

Thorn Media Podcast — With John C. Guthrie

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Ep. 9: A Convo w/a Great Friend and Father of 5 on Abortion
May 11, 2022

Thorn.MediaBetter Band WalletAn in-depth chat with a great friend of mine, Russ, a conservative father of five, on all things abortion:A few topics we hit:The legality and morality of abortion and what it may say about our societyPractical approaches to a

Ep. 8: Under 45s - Deaths by COVID compared to ODs and Suicides (It ain't good!); COVID travel & retrospective; My dance with the 'vid; Introducing my new website
April 25, 2022

Links: Thorn.mediaBetterBandWallet.comKulldorff on kids and the jabKuldorrff: Have People Been Given the Wrong Vaccine? NCBER report card: JAMA:

Ep. 7: Happy New Year - Our Date with Omicron
December 30, 2021

Happy New Year, y'all! Let's put 2021 and the 'VID to bed! The data seem to show Omicron is highly transmissible and very mild. CDC is putting its prevalence at 60-75%. The data also seem to show that Omicron breaks through prior immunity f

Ep. 6: Updates, COVID madness, AFG, China/US
September 03, 2021

I was going to apologize for the f-bombs, but they're warranted. *shrug*I start with a brief update on the projects I'm juggling. Next: China vs. US manufacturing for the American entrepreneur.  COVID hysteria - Deaths by age - BY THE NUMBERS. 

Ep. 5: Ivermectin, Dr. Pierre Kory & Quick Update on the Show
June 24, 2021

A 30-minute, info-rich, thoroughly sourced (links below) overview of the ivermectin story. Is ivermectin an effective treatment and preventative drug for COVID? Many experts and data suggest that it is, but, of course, the mainstream media and public heal

Ep. 4: Did Fauci Fund the Creation of COVID?
May 15, 2021

The short answer is: Probably...I go through the evidence, and, as per usual, our media's epic failings.Articles referenced:Newsweek from April 2020:

Ep. 3: Pipeline Hack - Practical Prepping, Black Swans, Resiliency, Media Failures
May 11, 2021

In episode three, I discuss the Colonial Pipeline hack. This event shows, yet again, the fragility of our hyperconnected, high-tech society. To no one's surprise, the media seems more interested in pushing a narrative than delivering critical informa

Ep. 2: Interview with Dave Erickson - US/China Relations & America's Decline: WW3, Civil War, or Pleasant Surprise?
April 20, 2021

Dave Erickson, a Canadian veteran of the Bosnian War, an electrical and computer engineer, and a defense scientist with Canada's DoD for nearly 20 years, joined more for a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation. We covered current tensions between

Ep. 1: Biden Coming After "Pistol Stabilizing Braces" - Why It Matters
April 14, 2021

Among Biden's recently announced executive action on guns are his plans to further regulate "stabilizing braces." In this episode, I explain what this all means, how this will harm gun owners and make the best home defense more expensive an

Ep. 0: About Me and the Show - Tackling the Absurd and Solvable
March 16, 2021

A brief-ish intro to me and my vision for the show. Interviews, commentary, and original journalism to tackle the absurd and the solvable. Finding 90% solutions to the biggest problems. Left/right populist realignment that expands and protects personal fr