Affirmative Reaction Podcast

Affirmative Reaction Podcast

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AR20 - E18 - Hunter Hennessy Homies
June 12, 2021

The lost Hoff twin Hunter Biden uses the N-word like Black people; Kumala brushes off push-back about not visiting the border; Mara Gay of MSNBC is triggered by the American flag; Over 450 Americans h

AR20 - E17 - Touchdown Jesus; Some Cops Are Bad
May 16, 2021

Another black is arrested for attacking another Asian with a hammer; The Cypress College professor is fired for her zoom call rant; Life after The Cosby show has been good for Phylicia Rashad as she i

AR20 - E16 - Jim Crow 2.0, World Woke Entertainment
April 02, 2021

The Derrick Chauvin trial has begun, and people have already made up their minds; The WWE is now streaming on PeacockTV and the platform has gone woke preemptively scrubbing “offensive” scripted promo

AR20 - E15 - Shaun Kampf, No Gov No Love
March 07, 2021

The media outrages as Texas rescinds their mask mandates and allows businesses to open to full capacity; New York Governor Andy Cumo cries a river and apologizes for being a creepy old man; Shannon Sh

AR20 - E14 - Braille boat party, No white men only
February 25, 2021

Bipoc colored band-aids; A police killing does not make it viral because of race; A gay white man was declined a spot on a parental school advisory board because of race and gender; The woke LA County

AR20 - E13 - BIPOC Bachelor Backlash
February 15, 2021

Season 25 of The Bachelor had its first (B)black bachelor and host Chris Harrison cancels himself due to seemingly racist remarks about a white contestant; Tom Brady wins the super bowl, but Mariah Ca

AR20 - E12 - Dude looks like a lady athlete, Mostly peace prize
February 04, 2021

AOC stretches the truth about her Capitol Riot experience just a lib-bit; After 2 billion dollars in damage caused and over 20 lives lost in their name, Black Lives Matter is nominated for a Nobel Pea

AR20 - E11 - Capitol Catfish Sleuth, Gaslighting 101
January 26, 2021

The dating app Bumble is used to arrest Capitol building rioters; MSNBC opinion writer wizardly explains how the Capitol riot was an example of corporations’ climate denial. Tiger King petitioned Trum

AR20 - E10 - Social Justice Ultimate Warrior
January 14, 2021

Sex, Democrats, and China; (B)black people love to hate white people but love to anoint white saviors even more; Wokeism fuels conspiracy theories; What is the cost of trading merit for representation

AR20 - E9 - Lincoln emancipated, iPhone Karen vs Black teen
January 03, 2021

Cancel culture emancipates Abraham Lincoln; Trump is absent from his own NYE party leaving Vanilla Ice alone to party with Rudy Giuliani; A White lady accuses an affluent Black teen of theft-Enter Al