Crash Couch: An Expanse Podcast

Crash Couch: An Expanse Podcast

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Crash Couch #49: Babylon’s Ashes
February 14, 2022

The Crash Couch crew discuss the series finale of The Expanse, "Babylon's Ashes!" Thank you so much to anyone who has ever listened to the Crash Couch, as well as to all who supported this wonderful T

Crash Couch #48: Force Projection, Redoubt, & Why We Fight
January 10, 2022

The Expanse nears its end as we approach the series finale!

Crash Couch #47: Strange Dogs & Azure Dragon
December 23, 2021

The Expanse returns for its final season, and Chris, Joel, and Derek are here to discuss its first two episodes!

Crash Couch #46: Nemesis Games
February 26, 2021

The Crash Couch discusses the finale of season 5 of The Expanse!

Crash Couch #45: Hard Vacuum & Winnipesaukee
February 13, 2021

We're back on The Crash Couch discussing The Expanse Season 5!

Crash Couch #44: Oyedeng
January 27, 2021

We're covering "Oyedeng," the 7th episode from the fifth season of The Expanse in this edition of The Crash Couch!

Crash Couch #43: Tribes
January 19, 2021

We're back on The Crash Couch to discuss the episode of The Expanse, "Tribes!"

Crash Couch #42: Down and Out
January 08, 2021

Chris, Joel, and Laura chat about "Down and Out," the fifth episode of The Expanse season 5!

Crash Couch #41: Gaugamela
January 02, 2021

We're back on The Crash Couch to discuss The Expanse, this time the episode "Gaugamela!"

Crash Couch #1: Dulcinea and The Big Empty
January 09, 2017

Welcome to the debut of The Crash Couch, a RandomChatter podcast covering the SyFy series The Expanse, based on the book series of the same name by James S. A. Corey. Pick up the novel Leviathan Wakes