Unlicensed Therapy

Unlicensed Therapy

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10 - Andres’ St. Patrick’s Wheel of Fun and Adventure - ft. Royboy
March 17, 2022

Peter, Andres, and SPECIAL GUEST ROYBOY are your three delightful, dapper, and distinguished hosts this week as they celebrate the worldwide holiday of St. Patrick's Day. They talk about Andres’ work toilet rhythm game, the hot viral Wheels vs. Doors deba

09 - The Celebrity Guest Quest
February 26, 2022

Peter and Andres talk about Andres’ eyepatch in preschool! License plates for Peter’s NEW CAR! Those stupid hearing and vision tests in school! And most importantly our quest to get a celebrity guest on the show. Who would you like to see us attempt to ge

08 - My Toilet is a Rhythm Game
January 29, 2022

Join Andres, Peter, and Peter’s brother Tomas once again in their discussion of work, bathroom stories, and how to be successful at work!  Don't forget to follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/UnlicensedShow and Instagram: https://www.instagram.

07 - Peter's Chicken Nugget Salad
May 23, 2021

Join Andres, Peter, and his fiancée Maddy in their discussion of food, restaurants and how to be a good cook! Don't forget to follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/UnlicensedShow and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unlicensedtherapyshow/ to ask y

06 - Golden Globe Winning & Oscar Nominated
April 30, 2021

Unlicensed Therapy episode six is ALL about movies, TV shows, and the death of awards ceremonies. Join Andres and Peter in their long and tangential discussion about what makes a good movie, attention spans, and how popular media is slowly dying. They cap

05 - Peter's Airport Disaster
April 25, 2021

Unlicensed Therapy episode five has a lot of waiting and lines involved. Then a VERY brief explanation of macroeconomics, Squishmellows, and children's music. We also answer some questions regarding procrastination and anxiety, and how to get your friend

04 - I Dropped My Ice Cream - ft. Tomas
April 17, 2021

Unlicensed Therapy episode four is continues the conversation about sleep paralysis. We brought on Tomas, Peter's twin brother as a special guest for this episode due to his sleep paralysis experiences. The boys then bring in some brief fashion advice and

03 - Why Do They Square Root Like That?
April 02, 2021

Unlicensed Therapy episode three is thoroughly saturated with talk of sleep, vegetables, and rechargeable soap. Per tradition, the episode starts with some light bathroom talk and the potential Discord buyout by Microsoft (or AMAZON???) and we top off thi

02 - St. Patrick's Day Special
March 17, 2021

This week's episode of Unlicensed Therapy is brought to you by Peter and Andres' love for foreign drinking holidays. We come back to talking about broken toilets, take a few shots of Irish whiskey, cover some classic Irish and Saint Patrick's Day trivia,

01 - Predator and Prey
March 12, 2021

Thanks for tuning into the pilot of Unlicensed Therapy, the variety-comedy show podcast, where Peter and Andres have no reason to be giving anyone advice, but they do exactly that, both to each other and the audience. This week's episode has broken toilet