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Wisdom Diaries

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Spaces, solutions and healing
July 13, 2022

Not solutions, not theories. Let's go back to our root cause and fix ourselves. What I feel about healing, is here in this episode.

Goodbye 2021. Welcome 2022
December 30, 2021

I have something to tell you. This year seemed like nothing happened but in contrast, many great things happened, but I did not acknowledge it properly. So this coming year, let's try to make the most of this new year! Happy New year!

How to make friends and talk to people| An interview with my mom
December 09, 2021

Hi. It's been long since I posted a podcast episode and also the interview is really long. This interview with my mom is about making friends, beating social anxiety, starting a conversation, literally a basic guide to socializing.

Your weakness is your strength
April 12, 2021

Your biggest weakness is actually your greatest strength. When people criticise you about something constantly, then thank them because they are identifying your real strength. You need to realise that!

Wisdom Diaries (Trailer)
August 28, 2020