Lets get down to business

Lets get down to business

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JPL with Jesse Mendoza
February 13, 2021

Curious about anything related to space like me!? Join me in this episode as we take a brief dive into the work that my friend Jesse Mendoza does at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and other content related to space exploration.

Implications of AI
January 29, 2021

Join me and a good friend of mine Xavier Hernandez as I discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence on our future! If you love the topic of AI or you are brand new to AI like me, tune in as we explore different aspects of AI and how it can affect

MBA in the time of COVID
October 05, 2020

How has the MBA experience or education in general changed during COVID? Tune in to this episode where I feature Randy, a current MBA student, to discuss how COVID has affected his experience during the program.