Tales from Stringersberg

Tales from Stringersberg

Latest Episodes

Ep. 128_ TFS Vol. 4 Issue 15
September 01, 2021

We catch up with Fergus and his journey to find the offspring of Project Spectrum. 

Ep. 127- Vol. 4 Issue 14
August 19, 2021

Claire specific story. Re and Nine get in contact with Claire to discuss things. She is then pushed in ways that she never thought were possible.

Off Beat Week- Tales from Autochthon Part 1
July 21, 2021

The Berg players revisit an old RP friend, Exalted. A mystery brews in a city where silence takes over. No prayers can be offered to the Machine god. Observer and Quen must hunt down the reason for th

Ep. 122- Vol. 4 Issue 9
May 26, 2021

Claire, Morgan, and Lesion start to get to know each other. The creature remands a mystery. 

Ep. 121- TFS Vol. 4 Issue 8
May 12, 2021

A new "face" appears in the Berg. Claire and Morgan deal with some robbers. 

Ep. 118- Vol. 4 Issue 5
March 31, 2021

Claire takes on Brownout and Morgan fights Kettle. Both Claire and Morgan end up with some unanswered questions.

Ep. 116- TFS Vol. 4 Issue 3
March 04, 2021

Beats, beatings, and the Sink gets a little more wet. 

Ep/ 115- Vol. 4 Issue 2
February 17, 2021

Claire finds that someone in her past has an axe to grind with her and Morgan actually tries to avoid a fight.