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Top Gun (1986) dir. Tony Scott feat. Bram Benderoff (@reelbramz) #tonyscotttuesdays
April 27, 2021

IT'S THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF TONY SCOTT TUESDAYS - this week we have bram benderoff on to talk about top gun, the cars franchise and canadian amusement parks!  bram's twitter: the featured players: h

The Hunger (1983) dir. Tony Scott (feat. Deirdre Crean @deirdresmusic) #tonyscotttuesdays
April 13, 2021

it's the FIRST EP of #tonyscotttuesdays! today me and my good friend deirdre sit down and talk about tony's feature directorial debut, THE HUNGER, starring susan sarandon, catherine deneuve and david bowie!  make sure to follow deirdre's twitter (twi

Heat (1995) dir. Michael Mann with guest Zach from the Beck2Beck Podcast
September 04, 2020

on today's episode of #DADCAST, me and my special guest zach from beck2beck podcast! we have an extremely cursed, ADHD insanity fueled conversation about michael mann's classic, HEAT. videos watched on the pod heat TV spot -