Open Loops: Conversations That Bend

Open Loops: Conversations That Bend

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Getting Hacked...The Original Life Hack?: A Greg Valentine's Day Meditation
February 14, 2023

Yep, it had to happen sometime. Greg finally got kicked off of social media.........except he didn't do anything to cause it. Find out the full story on this very special romantic episode of Open Loop

The Grinch's Heart Grew 3X And So Did The Hole In The Center of It: A Greg Holiday Meditation
December 27, 2022

Happy Holidays from Open Loops!! Even a few words will help. Share your name/IG handle and we'll even mention it on the show! Just go to https://ratethispodcast.c

Podcasters Are OBSESSED With Their Own Voices: A Greg Meditation
December 18, 2022

Will Greg find self-love? And how does it help you to find your own self-love, practically, in a world of democratized influence? All baked within the warm, molten chocolate lava cake context of whate

NLP for Narcissists
December 17, 2022

Andrew T. Austin strikes again! A brilliant post about how narcissists use NLP to gaslight others inspires Greg to record his commentary on how self-helpers do, indeed, gaslight you, as well as teach

The Devil Cat In Your Head: A Greg Meditation
December 16, 2022

How does language imprison your psyche and how do  you escape those doubting voices like Harry Houdini at Alcatraz? Go deep into the rabbit hole of mind technology (NLP, hypnosis, mindfulnness) and di

Hop On The Magic Ghoul Bus: The Open Loops Halloween Special with Paranormal Maven/Vampire Stephanie Bingham
October 27, 2022

If you! Even a sentence can help. Please go to"The Miss Frizzle of The Paranormal!" You've seen her on SyFy and The CW... St

How to Start Your Own NXIVM: Cult Tactics for Dummies
October 20, 2022

Greg discusses whys behind the manipulative and hypnotic self-personal development cult tactics of Keith Raniere, convicted criminal and founder of NXIVM, as well as the time he was emotionally abused

The Montauk Redemption or "How an Actual Government Conspiracy Can Shed Light On Everything Worth Knowing About The ENITRE Extraterrestrial
October 13, 2022

If you! Even a sentence can help. Please go to welcomes back (Former) Montauk Project Victim Rocko Fowler with his spiri

Satanists Give Great Hugs: Front Line Intel from Today's Spiritual War with Blu Diamond, Apocalypse Trainer
October 06, 2022

If you! Even a sentence can help. Please go to'll never believe this one.Her mom was a Christian, her dad was a Satanist,

Hypno "OFF-COLOUR" Thoughts Live! with Bad Boy Hypnotist Jonathan Royle and FATnosis CEO Steve Miller
September 14, 2022

If you! Even a sentence can help. Please go to Episode 63 of Open Loops, Jonathan Royle joined Greg to share his most cont