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dear juniors…here’s your guide to surviving college apps ✨
May 12, 2023

⭐ I'm back with Episode 12! Today, I cover all things related to the college application process. From curating your college list to creating vibrant video profiles to managing your mental health, I share allll the wisdom I've gained in the past c

getting your first job as a teen!
October 16, 2022

⭐ Episode 11, babyyy! In this episode, I go over the process of finding and applying to your first job, sharing helpful insights along the way about resumes, recommendations, and rejection. I also share my personal journey that started almost a year ago a

murder, mystery, & suspense (best spOoky book recs!)
May 14, 2022

⭐ Hey there! Here's Episode 10 (woohoo!), where I talk about all my favorite books in the suspense/mystery category! One of my favorite genres ever is murder mystery/thriller set in the late 1800s/early 1900s with a strong female protagonist. Oddly specif

biggest takeaways from college finals and being kind to yourself! ✏️
December 31, 2021

⭐ Hey, hey, hey- here's Episode 9! In this episode, I talk about what I learned from a vErY hectic finals week both in terms of academics and mental health. I go into some of the tips/realizations I had and hope to take with me moving forward in the sprin

dear freshman... *high school advice*
September 30, 2021

⭐ Welcome to Episode 8! In this episode, I speak about all the things I wish I knew before starting high school. Whether it's joining clubs, friendships, or dealing with teachers, I spill it all. The advice I give comes from what I've learned over the pas

a lil life update :)
August 08, 2021

⭐ Hello friends, here's Episode 7! This episode is super short simply because I talk about a couple of things going on in my life right now and whatever is on my mind. Let me know how you feel about this less-structured episode and any suggestions for fut

applying to college: essays, tests, & tons of advice! (ft. deena)
July 29, 2021

⭐ Hello, hello & welcome to Episode 6! In this episode, I am joined by my (wise?) older sister, Deena, who has a lot to say about the process of applying to college. We do this almost interview-style and she describes her experiences in the last coupl

middle school madness! (ft. my lil sister)
July 29, 2021

⭐ (NOTE: This episode was originally published MAY 30, but due to a technical issue, had to be republished on JULY 29. Keep in my mind it was meant to be May's episode and was recorded in that month as well. Enjoy!) Welcome to Episode 4! In this episode,

taking advantage of your summer :)
June 19, 2021

⭐ Episode 5 is here! In this episode, I talk through a list of various activities to keep you productive and occupied this summer! I tried to cover a wide range of activities to fit nearly everyone's tastes. Therefore, if some of the activities are more g

so many book recommendations!
April 30, 2021

⭐ Welcome to Episode 3! This episode is all about one of my favorite pastimes: reading! I'll go through a list of my favorite books, giving a short summary from Goodreads and my own commentary along the way. In this episode, I cover a ton of genres: every