The Dirty Dick Durban & Rubbin Ronald Rubbins Podcast

The Dirty Dick Durban & Rubbin Ronald Rubbins Podcast

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Ep. 11: Land of The Pussy Grabbers
June 28, 2021

Back again with the flavor for the kickback! Why the hell is Arizona still counting? Are people getting together for events since Covid aftermath? What flavor of gas in the paper planes? Is the bubble still the bubble in the NBA? Well, shit. Come and find

Ep. 10: Cancel Batman
May 29, 2021

WHAT'S HANNEN?!  Another kickback with the weekly fans.  Thank you for thugging it out with us, and make sure to keep pulling up! What would be your mirage food? What the hell you mean by "Cancel Batman"?! How could you ever cancel him?! ---

Ep. 9: The 4/20th day
April 20, 2021

The most meditative of holidays! Grab your pipes, papers, lighters, and get yourself comfortable.  Introduction to the 'Bud of Thrones'.  TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!! What's your favorite taco ?! Stay tuned for a weekly number for our listeners to call a

Ep. 8: PodEx
April 02, 2021

Season two, baby! we here!  --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 1: It's gonna be a good one!
October 01, 2020

Vin Diesel is dropping trash, Rick Ross is taking shots, and Mr. Rubbins has a outer-Kanye experience. Charles Barkley is not putting respect on Brionna's name?! What is this madness?!? --- Support this podcast: